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Feb 25, 2012 03:10 PM

Orlando - Sheraton Lake Buena Vista

We will be at the Sheraton Safari Lake Buena Vista Resort in Orlando next week (12205 S Apopka Vineland Rd ). We will not have a car. A google map search shows lots of restaurants within a very short walk, many of which appear to be chains (I'm Canadian and unfamiliar with most American chains) I realize we can't expect fine dining, and won't want it anyway as we'll be with our 7 & 9 year old sons. But, is there anything decent?

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. your right in the heart of the tourist area......

    what chains are you familiar with?
    as you are right in the area of almost all of them....

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      Oh yes - the tourist central thing will come in very handy to us Disney vistiting folks! So excited for my boys to go. The only chain I saw on my google maps search that I have ever eaten at was Denny's. That was out of desperation and not an experience I'm keen on repeating! We really don't have many of the American sit down chains in Canafa, or at least in my part of Canada. I know we probably won't be wowed, but I'm looking for at least okay. :)

    2. I wish I had some really great suggestions but unfortunately that area isn't exactly known as the culinary center of orlando! Here's a rundown of some of the better chains in the area. All should be fine to bring the young ones with
      Kobe- its a Japanese style steak house with sushi
      Miller's Ale House- bar food but fine for kids before 9pm or so
      Joes crab shack- loud, obnoxious but food is straight forward if you're in to seafood
      T Rex- in downtown Disney- perfect for the boys and I was pleasantly surprised by food
      Fudd Ruckers- good burgers and shakes
      Bahama Breeze- island themed, busy but decent- try the jerk chick pasta

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      1. re: CheeksandLeeks

        Thanks! This is helpful. I knew we wouldn't be getting wowed by food, but I guess that's not why people take their children to Orlando :)

        (I'm sure, like any city, Orlando has great food. But, like most places, it's not near the touristy spots)

        1. re: CanadaGirl

          Unfortunately CanadaGirl, I have yet to find somebody who came to Orlando for the food. I would strongly recommend you stay away from Ponderosa Buffet. Forced into going twice as my daughter's boyfriend found it the only place he felt comfortable in.

          In the Magic Kingdom, a Dole whip and turkey leg are the height of available fine dining. In Epcot, your children are the perfect age for the belly dancing in Morrocco. It is also halal. Germany is a good second choice with children. The buffet at the Animal Kingdom main lodge is a winner.

          Search the Disney web site and make a reservation immediately if you want them to have a meal with Mickey and the rest. It has been too long ago for me to make a recommendation.

          And realise that us locals are treated the same as you. That sucking sound you hear is the removal of all available money from your person. Which doesn't stop me from getting an annual pass every 4 years or so.

          Have a great time.

      2. There is a bit of a few options.

        First option to stay nearby and give in.

        You can find some posts here about dining at Disney.

        Here is a trip report you might find useful -

        A second option would be taking a taxi out. I'd say you are about 8-10 minutes from the I-Drive Dr. Phillips area.

        Your kids would probably enjoy Cafe Tu Tu Tango. It's a funky tapas restaurant that is filled with art and artist. It's a fun atmosphere for both children and adults. Check it out here:

        1. Hi CanadaGirl,
          The Sheraton Safari recently underwent a $25 millon renovation and is now the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort ( We recently opened the 27 Palms Grill, located in the 27 Palms courtyard, and Zest, our signature restaurant and lounge. You can find the menus here: http://www.sheratonlakebuenavistareso.... Both restaurants are extremely kid-friendly!

          We're looking forward to your stay!

          -The Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort team

          1. So we have been and are back. Trip was great, but we ended up eating pretty much everything in the parks with a few exceptions. Breakfast was yogurt and instant oatmeal in the hotel room. We closed the parks and ate there. Food at Disney was ok. We did take the boys to T. Rex in Downrown Disney, but that was for te atmosphere, which they loved and not the forgettable food. The only other meal we ate out was at an Olive Garden near the hotel. It was late, we were hungry, it was close. Food was inoffensive, but massive quantities.

            I wish we'd been able to take advantage of some of your great advice! Maybe someone else will be able to use it.