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Feb 25, 2012 02:49 PM

Leap Day Anniversary Dinner - Looking for a Unique experience in Dallas area

Our 1st anniversary is coming up Feb. 29th.

OK, technically its our 4th.

We are fairly new to Dallas. Well, I am, she had lived here before meeting me in Miami and brought me here. I would like to take my beautiful wife to a unique restaurant. Somewhere that is out of the ordinary but still romantic and wont completely break the bank.

But, after many hours of Google, Yelp and Chowhound searches I have really come up empty.

Is there a restaurant with small private dining nooks? or a private table with a beautiful view? or a molecular gastro experience? anything? someplace that has crazy/classic architecture?

We live in North Dallas near Plano. I am willing to drive even a few hours to go someplace extraordinary. We have already been to reunion tower. Which is a great, we were there before they remodeled and then again after.

Let me give you an example. Living in Miami I found this place
It was a few hours from where I lived, rented a convertible to drive down to the Keys, took a private boat over to the island just for dinner. On the website you see the picture of the private tables literally on the beach. That's what I am talking about. Except here in Texas there is no ocean. So, I need something comparable.

Can you folks help?

Anything is appreciated.

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  1. So just to confirm what appears obvious: price is not a concern, but isn't a factor one way or the other, as long as its memorable and intimate.

    1. You might check out the Rough Creek Lodge. I've read great things about it. If you check out the photos of the lodge and dining you can see where they have some private tables on the water. It would be a more rustic Texas type experience.

      Nana Dallas has the best city views of any restaurant in the area. You can reserve a window table and have a terrific view right up against a huge window. Tables are spaced well for privacy. There is also a terrific bar with beautiful views next door and they have live music. It makes for a very lovely evening. They do also do some molecular gastronomy.

      You might also check and see if the Mansion still offers the private chef table experience.

      Hotel St. Germain

      Stephen Pyles-Fuego (molecular gastronomy


      Baboush-not sure if its in the category you are looking but from the review reads like it could be a very romantic place to have dinner and offers some private/banquette type dining you are looking for:

      For something unique you might google both dinner cruise and dinner sail and you can see several options.

      1. Rough Creek.


        Nana might be a good local option....before it turns into a steakhouse. :-(

        1. I second Nana (or is that third) for the local option. Dos Brisas would be great if you are willing to take the drive. I have yet to eat at Fuego, so if you go, do post on your experience.

          If you think of extending your anniversary celebration thru the weekend, check out Rise. It's pretty casual, and may seem like a strange suggestion given the location, but the inside is a super cute French Bistro setting and the food is yum.

          1. I'm taking note of little palm island for the next time I'm in Miami. So - which place did you end up choosing?

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            1. re: missanusha

              Sorry for taking so long to reply. Its been a busy week.

              I ended up choosing Craft in the W Hotel. The wife didn't want to drive anywhere to far. So, after knowing that she is a huge Top Chef fan I thought Craft would be the smart choice this time.

              We ended up having a very memorable meal. When we got there we were seated at a table by the window. Not a table I would have preferred for a romantic anniversary dinner. We reminded our server that it was our anniversary and he offered us complimentary champagne. We thought that was very nice. He got the bottle my wife chose and began to open it when the bottle flew out of his hands and champagne went all over the place, luckily not on us. They apologized and moved us to a different table that was much better and intimate.

              We then got our champagne and ordered the 1st course. I noticed that the menus are printed daily with the date. I asked if we could get a copy of the menu as a nice memento. Our server said yes and later brought copies of the Dinner menu and the Dessert menu with the kitchen staff, as well as Laurel Wimberg the Pastry Chef and Tim Bevins the Chef De Cuisine signatures on them. We were very surprised and thanked him for the gesture. Later Chef Bevins came to our table and spoke to us personally and offered us some Pate and pickled veggies as a gift for us to take home. This was just making our night. I have never been to a restaurant that had that kind of personal service and appreciation for their guests. Even at a high end place that costs even more than what we spent at Craft I have never been so impressed.

              The meal was fantastic, the service was great, the attention to detail was spot on and going above beyond our expectations was the icing on the cake. In my case it was the Huckleberry syrup on the Lemon Goat Cheese Souffle (I highly recommend it).

              Thanks to all that offered suggestions I have made notes on all of them and will hopefully try them all in the years to come.

              If you get a chance to try Craft I would do it.

              1. re: jpastrychef

                Oh, that is so nice about the autographed souvenir menus :) And if I were you, I would have a new saying in my repertoire ... "That is just the huckleberry syrup on my lemon goat cheese souffle!"

                Congratulations on your anniversary!