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Feb 25, 2012 02:49 PM

Help! Last minute dinner with out of town guest in Back Bay?

Need somewhere to go around 7:30, for five people. Pretty slim pickings on Open Table. Any ideas for walk-ins?

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  1. Try the smith and wollensky at the castle on the corner of Columbus and Arlington.

    1. Tough number on short notice. Avila was pretty empty last time I walked by there at prime time on a weekend, and it's decent. I've always found the small plates and apps more interesting than the entrees.

      1. use the phone. not all table slots are available on opentable. restaurants always hold slots back.

        you may need to be more flexible about the time, but this is still the tail end of vacation week. can't you have a few drinks at the bar before sitting down?

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          I definitely echo the above post. I couldnt find a reservation on opentable for a saturday night, then tried calling the restaurant and they fit me in at my requested time without any problems!

        2. Thanks to all for the suggestions. We walked in to Towne at 7:30 and were seated right away at a high-top on the second floor. It was excellent and I was thrilled to be able to take guest to the trendiest restaurant in Boston!

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          1. re: cbnie

            "Trendiest restaurant in Boston"? Um, no. But I'm glad you fond something you enjoyed!