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Feb 25, 2012 02:47 PM

Scored Le Creuset skillet for dirt cheap

Just went to BB&B for something not for the kitchen, decided to check out the clearance section. Lo and behold there was a caribbean blue Le Creuset skillet for $32.00, originally $125. It is used, but only once or twice and whoever had it hated it or didn't know how to use cast iron. Otherwise it is in gorgeous shape.

I want to completely clean it though, including the cast iron interior mostly because of the ick factor - I have no idea what was in this pan before. I know to use bar keepers friend on the outside but what about the interior?

Also, I surprisingly didn't find much in terms of the LC non enameled skillets on here but what I did see people either love it or hate it. Is it any different than any other cast iron skillet, like a lodge? Does it even work? It sounds like for some people it doesn't really do much except sit there.

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  1. I dy was it well with soap and water and then throw it in the oven. The heat will kill anything left behind, which will probably be nothing :)

    1. Hi, Mojave:

      I say just hit it with the BKF inside and out, wash and rinse, and go to cooking.


      1. Thanks! You know, I looked into the item on their website just to see what they said and it looks like it might actually be enamled on the would I be able to tell, or should I just assume it is? It's a newer color that is still being sold, only used a few times, so I'm guessing it is the exact same item as on the website..

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            It's black, so I was assuming it is bare cast iron. But their website says differently, but I can't tell if it is a clear enamel or not hmm


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              I don't recall ever seeing LC with a bare inside.. enamel, its kind of their thing. Lodge on the other hand..

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                Yes, its a black enamel. I had one and was glad to get rid of it. I found the stumpy handle very awkward, was unimpressed with the performance of the enamel, and it had the usual poor conductivity of LC when used on stovetop, ie hot spots. Replaced it with carbon steel.

                1. re: andrewtree

                  To test for hot spots, boil water in yours. If heat flow is uneven, you'll see it in the bubbles.

                  My LC skillet has been my main skillet for a shudderingly long 42 years. I still use it at least three times a week for everything from oven baked cornbread to caramelizing onions to ....just about anything but stirfry and omlets.

                  1. re: shallots

                    How do you cook in it, I suspect I'm using too high of heat but both hubby and I have tried making potatoes in it and the entire bottom get coated in potato, and the potatoes don't get crispy. I tried it on medium yesterday, he's trying it on medium low and it is still sticking. We both used oil (he used way too much actually) and pre-heated the skillet on low.

                    1. re: Mojave

                      A local restaurant makes a dish called "woodshed potatoes"

                      I've made the equivalent in my skillet. I do preheat the oven to about 350-375. I saute a sliced onion in the skillet for as long as it takes to be soft, but not browned. To that I add potatoes (I'm not particular about what kind of potatoes, I've used both russet and Yukon gold) that I've tossed separately in a bag with oil and coarse ground pepper. I stir the potatoes and onions sloppily.

                      After twenty minutes in the over, i use a spatula to turn over the potatoes. About fifteen minutes later, it's done.

          2. The black inside is enamel. Coat the whole thing with oven cleaner and let is sit over night. BKF is not a good choice for enamel, it can and will scratch it over time. Remember enamel is glass so chipping and scratching are quite possible.

            1. Every time I read your headline, Mojave, I think "Why did he use a pizza cutter on his LC?"

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                Haha...I was wondering if anyone was going to take it literally