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Feb 25, 2012 01:26 PM

Best Roast Chicken Methods & Recipes

So my cooking project currently is to cook 52 different whole chicken recipes. I had hoped to do this in a year but expect it to take a little longer than that. So far I have roasted chickens inspired by Ina Garten, Gordon Hammersly & Tyler Florence. On my list to do are Mark Bittman & several recipes by Marcella Hazan. I'm still pawing through my cookbooks for ideas but thought I would come here as well. Give me some great ideas for roast chicken, what are your favorites?

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  1. These two are my favorite:

    They are both very popular around here so I assume you know about them already.

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      I have found the epicurious recipe mentioned here to be foolproof. And not fussy at all.

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        A hearty second to the Thomas Keller Simple Roast Chicken on Epi. I follow the recipe exactly. A better roast chicken you'll never have (but start with a good chicken).

      2. Not the kind of thing I really use a recipe for but I like a spatchcock chicken. Cut out the back bone and mash the bird flat. Roast it in a fairly hot oven in a gigantic cast iron skillet. Salt, pepper, maybe a little fresh rosemary and garlic smeared on.

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          The first time I spatchcocked a chicken, it was a true revelation, and I won't do it any other way now. I've found that opening the bird up is the only way to truly dig out the liver, lymph nodes and whatever that's left behind still attached inside most chickens during processing these days. If the cavity isn't cleaned out well, the taste of a lovingly roasted bird can be ruined.

          I'm not talking about the liver and gizzards that the processor tosses back into the cavity, but what didn't get cleaned out of the bird in the factory.

          Oops, forgot to add the chicken I want to try next:

          You can find maltose at Asian groceries in the sugar aisle.

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            Big fan of the spatchcocked method. I particularly like this Jacques Pepin Mustard/Garlic roasted chicken recipe:

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              I made this tonight for dinner after reading it on here. It was very good, thank you for posting this. The chicken was very flavorful. I did miss the crispy skin of the Keller roast but the flavor of the sauce is great. I can't wait to try this on the weber in the summer!

          2. I see that you have not posted often, so perhaps you are not yet comfortable searching this site before creating a question that has been frequently answered. Using the advanced search option which appears along with the initial results of a search, this is what comes up:

            1. 52 whole-chicken recipes sounds like a great project! Try the "Peruvian Roast Chicken with Garlic and Lime" from Cook's Illustrated ( ). I found it easy to do... and delicious.

              1. Recently, I roasted a chicken using a marinade of sesame oil, 5 spice powder, ginger, lemon grass, soy sauce. I let the chicken sit in that for awhile, then roasted it.