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Feb 25, 2012 01:16 PM

Per Se New Prix Fixe Menu

It looks like Per Se is now serving a 5 course $185 Prix Fixe Menu along with the $295 Chef's Tasting Menu. I recall them doing this when the restaurant first opened. The new menu looks good, has anyone tried it recently?

Per Se
10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019

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  1. Where do you see that? I just see the Tasting of Vegetables, the Chef's Tasting, and the Salon Menu on that link.

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    1. re: loratliff

      Yep that's what I see, and the chef tasting prix fixe is $295

      1. re: loratliff

        That is strange, it definitely was there on Saturday afternoon. I assume it was just the lunch menu though I am not sure why it was up and then taken down.

        1. re: MVNYC

          The 5-course lunch prix fixe is up on the website only Friday to Monday early afternoon (served Friday to Sunday), until they put up Monday's dinner menu only in the mid/late afternoon.

          1. re: deepfry7

            Thanks for the clarification. I am going in a few weeks and seeing that made me wonder if they went back to having two tasting menu options.

            1. re: MVNYC

              Yea, for dinner there's only the regular or vegetable tasting menu; or you can request ahead of time for the extended tasting menu, with a "market price". I believe it's generally ~$100-150 extra, depending on the luxury items in season. The receptionist will call you back with a quote. You can do what I did when I went for it and justify to yourself that it's OK since service is included.

              1. re: deepfry7

                Just did the extended tasting menu last week. The cost was $500 per person. Glad we did this meal starting at lunch (11:30) since we didn't leave the restaurant until after 5:00. There were 20 courses (foie gras and black truffles were included without any supplemental charge). Actually for 6 courses, half the table received one dish and the other half received a different dish, and we switched dishes to taste the other's dish. Fantastic meal.

      2. Just be aware that the 5 course menu is only available during lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Click on Reservations, then Information.

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        1. re: peter j

          Hi anyone had idea whether it's easy to get a seat at salon as walk in. Didn't mange to get a reservation for the restaurant. Is it for both lunch and dinner at salon?

            1. re: Japfan

              I've only been turned away once (out of lots of times).

              1. re: Sneakeater

                That's really comforting to know. I m going to go at 530pm sharp when they open their door. Counting down

                1. re: Japfan

                  As you'll see, you don't have to do that. But at least you won't have to worry.