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Feb 25, 2012 11:18 AM

Stella Doro's in Old Saybrook - - Reopened??!!!

Drove by what had been turned into Ruffino's from Stella Doro last March

Now there is a Stella Doro sign back up?

I am not sure I will have a chance to swing in there to check it out again before the end of March-

so, if anyone gets a chance to swing by there - let us know!

bon appetit

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  1. It has always been the same owner and chef. They changed the name as an attempt to reinvent the restaurant with basically the same menu. Added a few "bar" menu items and lowered some prices. But, it remained the same food.

    1. We were there Saturday night. There's a new menu which is significantly shorter. My first thought was that Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible had paid them a visit since his predictable fix of almost every restaurant he visits usually includes shortening the menu. But, no Irvine in sight. Strangely, they were still using the bar area as the dining room while the front dining room was vacant. I was told the front room would begin to be used again in a week or so. (Maybe Irvine will be redoing that dining room (j/k). The food was the same as the old Stella D'Oro and the recently departed Ruffino's, very good. It wasn't crowded but there WERE more diners than usual.... Hope they can survive...

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        Thanks - I never got there when it was Ruffinos - but we always would go several times in the winter when it was Stella Doros - odd- no one locally ever was clear on the point that it still had same owners, etc... nothing in shoreline papers I saw.....
        anyway - I always enjoyed one particular dish - and hope it is still on the menu - wont get an opportunity till late March - hope it stays open!!!

      2. The original comment has been removed