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Feb 25, 2012 09:06 AM

Between st pancras and heathrow....lunch? [London]

We will be at the end of a 2 week holiday having spent 4 days in London ,5 days in Paris and another 4 days in Strasbourg . Eurostar deposits us at St Pancras at 130 pm and our flight home to Boston leaves lHR at 730 pm. So we would like to taxi to somewhere for a long comfortable lunch. Hopefully wine will be involved. All cuisines are enjoyed and price no object for this our last repast prior to being hurled over the Atlantic in a tube for some 7 hours...any thoughts please?
Trip is last 2weeks of April. Thanks.

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  1. The difficulty here is that, arriving at 1.30, you're getting towards the end of lunch service. And, of course, you're presumably going to need to be at Heathrow at 5.30 latest. Tricky to fit those timings in with a long lunch.

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      Thanks Harters. We are trying to avoid the city proper due to time and luggage ...perhaps a pub that serves all day might be in between ? I have searched "Heathrow layover " as well as "St Pancras" and pickings are slim.

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        How about The Gilbert Scott at St Pancras itself? The restaurant serves until 3:00 and I expect they will let you linger. The bar also does food and is open from 12:00 onwards so you could adjourn there after your lunch for some cheese and drinks to finish off the meal

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          Good luck with the search, capeanne - I may be asking you for reciprocal lunch information near Logan in a few weeks :-)

      2. If you don't mind spending a bit on cabs, you could always travel closer to Heathrow and have lunch not too far from the airport in Bray near Maidenhead. There are quite a few nice restaurants there, including The Hinds Head pub owned by Heston Blumenthal. How late they serve lunch, I don't know but perhaps the pub food is day-long. Of course with luggage and having to be back at LHR for the flight will make things a bit more difficult.

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          Last booking at Hinds Head is 1:30. Anyone familiar with the Ostrich Inn in Coinbrook? Close to LHR and 2:30 table available. Search turned up nada. Oh to please save us from Gordon on Wings or whatever it is and the meals of BA........

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            Can't find anything on the Ostrich. Menu looks OK, if not too thrilling - although anywhere that has a "homemade pie of the day" gets a vote from me (but then I'm a man and northern - pies are part of the genetic make-up).

            Although anyone who describes "fish and chips" as "fish n chips" deserves to be taken out and shot in front of their family.

            That said, it may be best bet given the time constraints and location needs. I say go for it.

            1. re: Harters

              I'd definitely avoid the Ostrich. It used to be a pleasant pub with solid if unspectacular bar food, but it was taken over a few years back. The new owners decided to "gastropubise" it, which involved stripping out any character and turning it into a soulless, sterile place which is more of a restaurant than a bar. The food isn't up to much either.

              EDIT: Removed suggestion of Plane Food, didn't read the thread properly !

            2. re: capeanne

              if it were me, i'd hightail it to a lebanese restaurant. maroush on beauchamp place is rocking these days, and will serve you throughout the day. here's your chance to explore ksara wine.

              lebanese food is exceptional in london, and can be outstanding in a way many of the more home style places are not. beauchamp place also has interesting shops - like the map house, in which i spend many a happy hour browsing through old prints.

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                Maroush has killer Lebanese. I think the place on Beauchamp is the only one of their's that I've not been to over the years. Noted for my next trip, h. Ta.

          2. The Ledbury in Notting Hill will book tables until 2. I did this the last day of a trip when i too had a late flight home. Had the tasting and they were great about it, no rush at all. Great food

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              Hmm, I have been having error messages when I try and reply to threads on Firefox. Now fixed with Chrome.

              That would make a 2pm at Ledbury a bit tight on scoffing and drinking, but doable if you are prepared to factor in the risk on travel time to the airport.

              Your problem is timing, you are supposed to be at check-in 3 hrs prior for a US flight because of all the fluffing around with security, which would make it 1630. Might be worth checking this as it depends on your status and how busy LHR is.

              As someone said, Hinds Head isn't a goer. Most pubs will shut their kitchens for the afternoon as there isn't enough business to justify opening. However, the Royal Oak Paley Street isn't one of them - close to Maidenhead and very easy motorway access to LHR, I reckon you could make this one work.

            2. How about the London Hong Kong ? Decent Cantonese grub on the edge of Heathrow. They're open all day and have a live lobster tank should you wish to indulge. It would eliminate the guesswork involved of how long to allow to get to the terminals as it's only five minutes away.


              1. I'd go somewhere near St Pancras rather than Heathrow; much wider range of choice. I'm fond of Pied a Terre for a nice, quiet, fairly extravagant meal, and which makes one feel nicely pampered. It's 20-25 minute walk from St Pancras (or an easy taxi ride), and serves lunch until 2.30.

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                  Agree far more likely to get food in the afternoon in London, near Heathrow the quality is poor and the availability inthe afternoon minimal.

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                    I did manage a 2 pm reservation at The Ledbury...our favorite restaurant in London and a wonderful idea. We will keep close eye on the time but should have about 2 hours and indeed a great way to end the Holiday. Thanks everyone. John let me know when you are headed to Boston!