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Feb 25, 2012 08:49 AM

Sunny's Table--spicy and tasty in Concord NH

After being rather rudely turned away at Angelina's (no reservations) last night in the pouring rain, we tried Sunny's which is in the space upstairs. Are we glad we did! If you are craving a blast of heat to get you through the end of a New Hampshire winter, this is the place. The menu reflects a lot of Asian influences, from Korean to Indian. We had the Thai inspired rare beef salad--perfectly cooked beef tossed with lettuce, garlic and a blazing spicy dressing. Dining companion had the bi bim bap--Sunny takes the classic Korean rice dish and adds a few twists--instead of a fried egg, he serves it with an Asian style omelet. I had the Angry Shrimp--another fiery dish, stir fried shrimp and veggies served with jasmine rice. Service was great, a lovely space. A brilliant addition to the Concord dining scene, which is rather limited.

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  1. This is one of Concord's best. I have been there 3 times for dinner and 3 times for lunch. Service has been excellent and the bi bim bap and crab cakes were both memorable. There are many non spicy dishes also for those so inclined.

    1. finallly made it to Sunny's Table after all the great reviews on here....... LOVED it!!! Service was excellent..... I loved my Bahn Mi sandwich so much I asked if it's on the menu often (we were there for lunch). OMG, I get bahn mi sandwiches down in Lowell often and love them but this was hands down the best, with awesome fresh chicken, pickled veggies and spicy mayo with a great kick.. Sister got the chicken curry which she loved and Dad loved his shrimp tiki marsala (sp???) Can't wait to try again, for dinner next time. Everything was so fresh and fabulous....

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        Whoa! I had no idea that Sunny's was doing banh mi at lunch! I'm only about five blocks away from there and I've been driving all the way to Hong Cuc in Lowell. And you say it's comparable or better quality? Did they confirm that it is in fact a regular lunch item? Thanks for the intel !!

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          Oh, and if the shrimp preparation your Pop got was a riff on the English/Indian dish, then it's tikka masala.

        2. After reading this thread and finding myself in Concord, I went to Sunny's Table tonight and thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I thought the Salmon Tartar was outstanding with a beautiful blend of many flavors coming together in unity and with a kick too. The Angry Shrimp was enjoyable and tasty, but could have bit a bit more, I don't know, complex... Good, but a bit safe.

          Service could not have been better; smiles were abundant :)--I would definitely recommend this place.

          Thanks to you all for recommending this place!

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            We love Sunny's, it has been a very welcome addition in Concord. Just plain good food. But some good Asian influenced food? Even better. Always great service. We were so happy when they started serving lunch even just the last half of the week. The menu changes often enough to keep it interesting (when I've tried everything on the menu a few times already!)

            It's kinda funny, but Sunny really likes Indian food! (Having worked at his mom's restaurant he can of course make good Korean food). His wife runs the front and is a sweetheart.

            PS - yeah, you can never get into Angelina's without a reservation these days.