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Feb 25, 2012 08:35 AM

Revisiting Florence 50 Years Later

As a student in the 60's, I was too poor to eat out at anything but the university mensa or a tavola calda. Now I'm returning in April for 3 days, but many of the places I wanted to go longer exist. My 2001 edition of Slow Food Osterie d'Italia suggests the following but I would appreciate comments from any hounds who have up to date experience.

Ristorante Al Tranvai
Piazza T.Tasso, 14r

da Sergio
Borgo San Frediano 145

Trattoria Mario
via della Rosina 2

Trattoria Ruggero
via Senese 89r

l’Antico Noe
Volta San Piero 6r

Cibreo Trattoria
via de’ Macci 114

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  1. Cibreo and Cibreo Trattoria are still there, and for a pure foodie thing probably places to go, but I really enjoy the same chef's "Teatro del Sale" across the street for the entire experience, food and entertainment.

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    1. All of the places you mention above are great, and I would recommend all of them EXCEPT for Cibreo. I'm just not a fan at all.

      FYI, all of the places you are listing are great, but definitely at the 'simple' end of things. For simple, I'd add to the list Fagioli, Casalinga and Sostanza.

      But there are a lot of slightly higher end places you might want to explore, since maybe you can afford it now? Have a look through the boards.

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        Thanks so much! I will report back.
        These may not be the "finer" restaurants in Florence, but it's those simple typical dishes that I dream of and long to experience again.