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Feb 25, 2012 07:51 AM

The Kingsway Dining

Any good choices for an early week night dinner on Bloor near Royal York?

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  1. There are quite a few options. Depends on what you're after. Our regular places are Casa Barcelona (tapas: recommend the beef tenderloin w portebello shiitake sauce, garlic shrimp, any fish in red pepper sauce), Momiji (great spider rolls, gyu udon, tempura), 1800 degrees does steak well (also good lobster poutine, decent wines). Merlot makes a nice steak frites.

    1. Black Angus for steak! Old school!

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        I love Merlot as well - had the best liver I have ever had at a restaurant there. People swear by ViBo, but i do not like it. When I get a yen for Italian in that neck of the woods, I go to Veranda at Royal York and Bloor. More casual, maybe a bit louder, but better service and better food imo.

      2. I have always enjoyed Merlot as well. It's good sign when a reservation helps even on weekdays. Good service and good food at a reasonable price.

        1. We went to ViBo last night for dinner (group of 8 adults) and had an excellent dinner. Very good, hearty bruscetta and both grilled and fried calamari for appetizers. The squid was cooked perfectly, very tender and the grilled was served with puttanesca sauce. The beet and caesar salads were reportedly very good.

          There was a lot of variety in the entrees, and a nice choice seafood dishes. I had the special of grilled spigola with tomato relish accompanied with assorted roasted vegetables (broccoli, peppers, potatoes). The fish was cooked perfectly and the tomato relish added a nice, savory flavour, and the vegetables were still firm. Other members of the group had rack of lamb, short ribs, seafood stew and linguine with marinara sauce, and all were reported as excellent.

          The atmosphere is lively, but warm and comfortable with very friendly servers. Plus, an excellent pianist which was a nice bonus. Even though I don't live in the west end, I would definitely make the trek to go to this restaurant again.

          1. I've only ever been for drinks, but I've heard from friends that the dinner at Monk's Kettle was quite impressive.