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Feb 25, 2012 07:43 AM

Vegetarian fare?

Can anyone recommend restaurants that have delicious vegetarian offerings? A bigger challenge: vegan offerings? Thanks!!!

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  1. I found the string from November, so I got some answers. If anyone has anything to add, I'd appreciate it!

    1. I'm a vegetarian as well. This is where I eat.

      Travail - consistently has great options. Micro Greens, Beet Salad, Soup (changes all the time), Agnolotti (filled pasta, changes all the time), Tofu (house made), Blue Cheese Tater Tots. Plus, a dessert tasting menu! Travail is my favorite restaurant.

      Blackbird Cafe - many great options.

      The Tea House - rock solid Chinese. Menu varies on location, I had more options at the 94 / White Bear location than the U of M.

      Meritage - not the most options, but probably the best meal I've ever had. I did a 5 course tasting and it was wonderful. I think one dish was made a la minute.

      The Sample Room - nice place with plenty of options. Tend to be laden with cheese.

      WA Frost - overlooked. Usually have a few sides / small plates and one entree.

      Senor Wong - only been once, but the Mock Tacos were awesome.

      Heartland - Doesn't tend to have a lot of options, but offer a daily prix fix menu with vegetarian selections.

      Haute DIsh - a meat centric place that has some options. They offer a 4-course veggie tasting menu on Sundays for $30. Haven't been yet, believe I'm going next weekend.

      Restaurant Alma - I've yet to eat here yet, but they have a designated veg portion of their menu. James Beard Award nominee for Best Restaurant (National) this year.

      I have been in contact with many top restaurants lately, and vegetarian really isn't a problem. Vegan is more difficult, as some cuisines like French use tons of butter. I eat at a lot of ethnic places, like Shish or Grand Pad Thai, stuff like that.

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        Oh, thank you. :D
        I live in Northfield, so I only make it up to the cities once a month or so, more often to the southern burbs.
        I met a friend for lunch yesterday at the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe in Burnsville--also a number of great options there (falafel, hummus, tabouli, spanikopita if you eat cheese).
        Boca Chica in St. Paul has a great stuffed pepper and their enchilada sauce is vegetarian. Other stuff too.
        Pardon My French in Eagan has some good vegetarian options; not many vegan choices, but a badass vegan chocolate truffle and pretty decent fresh bakery bread.

        1. re: editorlady

          Not sure which thread you found from November, but Triple Rock Brewery has lots of vegan options and pretty good, comfort-type food. Kind of a grungy atmosphere, though.

          I see you already found Midori's.

          I don't understand the love for Boca Chica. (I see it just came out on top on the MN Monthly Readers Poll)--maybe they do a better job of vegetarian than they do for the rest of their food?


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            One note to the OP: the Triple Rock is not a brewery, so you may not find it with that name, DQ may have mixed names with Rock Bottom or something...still a great recommendation.

            1. re: Foureyes137

              Technically the Triple Rock Social Club. Great veg / vegan bar food.

              1. re: Foureyes137

                Whoops, Triple Rock Brewery exists, just not in MN. I did mean to recommend Triple Rock Social Cub (Bar) for their vegetarian and vegan food.

                Thank you, foureyes!


        2. Here are a few threads that may be helpful:

          And Brasa has a vegetarian menu:
          Dagnabbitall now I have to look up all the Brasa info...

          600 E. Hennepin Avenue
          Minneapolis, MN 55414

          Brasa St. Paul
          777 Grand Avenue
          St. Paul, MN. 55105

          1. Ecopolitan! It's about as vegetarian/vegan as you can get in the Twin Cities.

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                Ecopolitan? Isn't it also a "raw" restaurant or am I mis-remembering? I've never been there. What have you tried there that you recommend?


              2. A few of my favorite Mpls spots...

                For breakfast & lunch, Modern Times Cafe at 32nd & Chicago has an ample selection of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes

                Saffron downtown has a lot of vegetarian small plates - they are very accomodating to veg requests too. The last time I was there they prepared a vegetarian tagine that wasn't on the menu - it was fantastic.

                Near Lake & Hiawatha...
                Midori's Floating World has a great vegetarian sushi dinner
                Gandhi Mahal has a lot of veg options both in their lunch buffet and on the menu