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Feb 25, 2012 07:31 AM

Afternoon Tea Before Theatre [London]

I will be in London in July and would love any suggestions for afternoon tea prior to going to a 7:30pm showing of War Horse in the west end/convent garden. Also, how much time should I allow for us to enjoy tea but still get to the show on time?

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  1. I think how much time to allow depends on where you go for the tea. If it's in walking distance of the theatre, then I'd go rather late in the afternoon. If you want to splurge, Brown's in not that far away - in fact, nothing is really too far in London. The Tube gets very hot in July, so a walk is probably good for several reasons. There have been some discussions about teas recently, so look through the board for more ideas. Bring your hanky to War Horse!

    1. I just remembered that Deux Salons does an afternoon tea, and it's a lovely room. We had dinner there before went to see War Horse (earlyish) and some tea drinkers were still there.

      1. If you're still looking (not sure if you decided to go for Deux Salons!), Claridge's for me would be the best. It's a splurge (I think about £40 or so, depending upon whether you have champagne with it), but the service was impeccable, the sandwiches and cakes tasty, and hands down the best cup of tea I've had in my life (and I've drunk a lot of tea!) Have since done tea at The Dorchester and The Goring Hotel, both of which were also good, but hands down Claridge's still wins. Personally I'd leave about 2/3 hours to properly enjoy the experience. Hope the play is good as well!

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          Thank you...we decided on Brown's!

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            In case you change your mind, you might want to have a look at this website organized by neighborhood. I'd throw in Fortnum and Mason as a suggestion as well.


        2. Lots of recommendations for afternoon tea at hotels - and Browns is a fine choice. If you want to try something a little different, perhaps less stuffy, try the Soho Secret Tea Room. Very retro setting, homemade scones and cakes, staff in 1950s clothes, gramophone records playing. A room above a famous pub - you have to ask at the bar. Great fun, lovely choice of teas, cheap, authentic and you can move downstairs to the pub afterwards. Tea finishes at 6pm here and there is no-one rushing you out the door. War Horse at Drury Lane is a 20min stroll or 5min cab ride.

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            We opted for tea at Claridges prior to the theater. It made for a wonderful afternoon/evening.