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Feb 25, 2012 07:02 AM

Best Day Trips for Lunch

Looking to take a day or weekend trip from Dallas and an interesting lunch place is part of the equation. Want to get out of the Metroplex and off I-35 and I-45. Can be in any direction. A couple of places I have found in searches are Mary's Cafe in Strawn, Carolyn's Country Cafe in Midlo and Granny's Home Cooking in Overton. Can be any type of food, but traditional fare (meaning, CFS, etc.) is a plus.

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  1. We enjoy the 2-1/2 hour (maybe less) drive to Taylor, Texas to have a great BBQ lunch at Louie Mueller BBQ.

    Take I-35 south to Temple where you can pick up 95 south to Taylor off of 36-190.

    Just one of a million places to drive to from Dallas.

    A shorter drive can take you north of Dallas to Tioga (Gene Autry's birthplace) where you can enjoy a great lunch at Clark's Outpost.

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      Just the kinda stuff I'm looking for, thanks.

    2. 2nd vote for LM in Taylor. Esp. now that the weather is nicer and things are blooming. Stop at Inner Space Caverns for a stretch and other worldly scenery.

      1. I vote for Mary's. We stop in there many times a year on our way to our ranch in W. Texas. CFS is good as you will find IMO. (I'm native). It is different, however. It is fried on a griddle instead of being deep fried or pan fried. That preparation seems to make that heavy dish a bit lighter. The meat they use seems to have a much deeper flavor. Their gravy hits the mark also. It is defiantely homemade as note by the brown tinge it has. Lots of black pepper also. Mashed potatoes are the weak link. They seem to have vinegar in them. Opt for homemade fries instead. Unfortunately, I'm alway driving the family and not close to my destination to enjoy the frosty schooners of beer. It is definately a joint also.

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          Mary's is down home Texan to the bone! Awesome and well worth the drive!

        2. I'm planning a trip to Tyler next month. It's been suggested that I take a detour through Edom and eat at The Shed. Also in Edom is blueberry picking in June and an Art Festival in Oct.

          This article is quite old, but still may give you some add'l ideas.

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