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Feb 25, 2012 04:00 AM

Indoor winter farmer's market at Croton

I was one of those on this board who was really worried about the parking situation there, but I went last weekend at (I think) a prime time of around 9:30 to 10:00, and there were plenty of spots in and around the center. Perhaps it was worse later in the morning; apparently Zeytinia's is complaining loudly. What have other's observed? I still preferred it outside-- much less crowded!

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  1. I definitely didn't mind it being outside, but it's been a mostly mild winter. It's certainly better for the vendors that it's inside, though, since I'd only run out for 20 minutes or so and they were out there hours at a time. I missed the market yesterday, but both of the 2 weeks before we went around 11 or 12 and had no trouble finding a parking space right out front. The setup of the actual market within in the building is better than it was at the church in Briarcliff. So it's definitely better than I thought.

    However, I really value Zeytinia for unique and hard to find grocery items (despite the (usually) maddening parking lot) so it's sad to hear from the article you linked that they may be suffering as a result of the relocation of the market. Only 3 months till the spring markets begin....

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      It was hard to tell in that article if Zeytinia has actually seen a drop in business.

      I drove by the site of the Farmers Market yesterday at 10:15 and saw three open non-handicap parking spaces in the section in lot by the market. Since the market is actually quite distant from Zeytinia, I don't think the two are competing for spaces. Would be easier for spillover parking to go to Croton Commons than the areas near Zeytinia.

      And I agree, I like Zeytinia very much. I still do much of my food shopping out of town. Bought a huge amount of fresh vegetables in Brooklyn Chinatown a few weeks ago. Should Zeytinia be complaining about that? I hardly bought anything that I could have bought at Zeytinia (in fact, some things I bought in Brooklyn after first trying to get them at Zeytinia).

    2. While parking in either of the Van Wyck lots is harder than it was before the Market opened it is certainly no harder than it would be if one or both of the empty stores in the VW II area had tenants with reasonably popular businesses operating roughly 60-70 hours a week. The Market is open only 4 hours a week. The two shopping areas are independently owned. Z's no-compete lease does not extend to VW II. And while I love shopping at Zeytinia and do so 3 or 4 times a week they don't carry all the items I buy at the Market. Most of their produce is not local or organic. Their fish is not locally sourced. Their meat doesn't all come from locally, organically and humanely raised animals. So the Market provides us with items that Z chooses not to carry. Rather than just complaining about lost business Z might want to think about competing for that business a little harder by taking a page from the Market's book and carrying many more locally, organically and sustainably grown items. Now, excuse me, but I'm off to Zeytinia's to get tonight's dinner!