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Feb 24, 2012 10:40 PM

Reviews of Boucherie?

Considering a dinner for 10 people at Boucherie. Have enjoyed dinner there a couple of times. Reading posts here there appears to be mixed reviews. Is there a new chef? Thoughts - please share. Thanks!

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  1. Same chef, but I would call and see if they would even do a 10 top before you consider too much. I've found Boucherie has been consistently good, but the dining room only holds about 30 people.

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    1. re: culinas

      Is chef Zimet back in the kitchen?

      1. re: N.O.Food

        He is! When I was there for the Swedish beer dinner last month he was cooking and coming out to talk about the menu and everything. He's looking good, and the food he put out was delicious.

    2. I love Boucherie. I think the food's great and the wine list, beer selection, and cocktail menu.

      1. Excellent food--but they were stretched to the limit w/a reservation for 8 that our group made (begged for, actually). The dining area is tiny.