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Nov 7, 2001 02:03 PM

organic produce delivered?

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GingerGarlic's post...
I also participate in a Community Sustained Agriculture (CSA) project. For a fee, once a week, you get a box of organic produce (and sometimes fruit) from Annie and Jeff's farm in the Capay Valley. It's kind of fun because you never know what you're going to get and it's always a race go use everything up before the next box arrives.

That sounds very cool. Who does this? Can I get one too? :)


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  1. Not sure which farm Jeff & Annie are at - but
    check out Farm Fresh to You and also Eat Well Farms - both have websites ( and - I get delivery from both of them - prefer Eat Well a little bit more - but LOVE having the veggies and fruit delivered. They are both in Capay Valley - near Davis - and they deliver to SF and the East Bay (among other areas I'm sure!

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      Actually, they deliver to a house on 47th Street as well as in Gold River and several other places. Delivery is on Tuesdays. It costs $55 a month and you get a whole box of produce. For instance, this week's delivery included: 2 leeks, a pound of potatoes, bunch of turnips with greens, radishes, 4 Fugu persimmons, a bag of spinach, bag of baby salad greens, and a cooking pumpkin. You can buy a bag of fruit also but I don't remember what it costs. They also have bread (pot luck as to what kind you get) and flowers. Annie always writes a newsletter and also includes some recipes for what's in that week's box. You can reach Annie at (530) 787-3187. If you call that number on Tuesdays between 8 and noon, you'll get a recording telling you what's in that week's box.

      They also have, from time to time, activities at the farm. Last month there was a Hoes Down Celebration. This month they are having a cooperative Hedgerow Planting. You get to know the other people in the Project and also get a more firm connection to the farm.

      I find that I have to get pretty creative sometimes to use all the vegies in that week's box. I have developed a large library of on-line recipe resources and have gotten to the point where I just run a large search on, say, "turnip", then have a bunch of recipes from which to choose. Certainly is a different way of meal planning.