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Feb 24, 2012 07:15 PM

Apres-ski Eats between Steven's Pass and Seattle

I'm a new skiier and one of the things that makes getting up well before dark to get to my early lesson is the promise of a meal on the way home. I'm not looking for fine dining, I want "I survived another day on the slopes and I'm starved!" food. We've tried Sultan Bakery, The Cascadia Inn (Skykomish), The Hitching Post and one of the many Mexican places in Monroe--I don't remember the name. Any other suggestions? Last week we didn't stop until we got to the Maltby Cafe and that's really too long to wait for sustinance!

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  1. try Benjarong in Munroe right on the highway. it is way better than you expect Thai fare, fresh, bright, interesting and friendly enthusiastic service. they will make it "spicy like a Thai eats" if you like as well.

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      Too funny! That's where we ate last Saturday! I think we'd ask for 4 star instead of our usual 3 next time, but it was good.