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Feb 24, 2012 05:27 PM

SA restaurants that use natural ingredients

Any recommendations? My son cannot eat artificial ingredients. We will be staying at La Cantera but we are willing to drive. Last time, I researched The Cove and 1) They were not very helpful and 2) their meat may be organic but their oils, bread,etc contain artificial ingredients. Researched Magnolia House and they used artificial ingredients and don't even use real maple syrup!We wound up eating lots of Chipotle and Whole Foods that trip. Any suggestions? TIA!

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  1. maybe try Gwendolyn. Im not sure if they are 100% organic or not but they use all local ingredients and thier website says to give them a call if you have special needs

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    1. re: San Antonio Sam

      Gwendolyn looks amazing but my son is only eight so I think we will have to pass. Please keep the ideas coming.....

      1. re: cchavez

        Right. 8 may be a little young for that place. I'm not sure if it will meet all your requirements or not but the only other place I can think of is La Fiesta Patio Cafe.

        The food there is delicious. Good luck in your search!

        1. re: veggiedoc

          Liberty Bar makes their own bread and their food seems very wholesome to me.

        2. re: naughtydred

          Vegeria is fantastic. When I recently went to San Antonio they were my first stop. Great owners and great food. Local, organic and vegan. They make delicious tamales. I took a dozen home with me.