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Nov 3, 2001 02:29 PM

Deep, brute hot Szechuan in SD

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Desperately searching for deep hot (not hot oil in side dish or sprinkled on food surface after cooking) Szechuan restaurant in San Diego.

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  1. There is a place right next to the Auto Parts place(Kragen?) On Convoy across the street from the Home Depot. Don't know the name, sorry.

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    1. re: buddha

      I think you mean Golden City???? on Convoy..

      They're basically Cantonese, and do the standard imitation of Szechuan Food (i.e. the Kum Pao chicken thing..)Actually food is not bad and a bargain during lunch ($3.25). Used to serve +/- Dim Sum. There's also New Shanghai close to Nijiya Market and Imperial Mandarin in the Wings and Things Plaza, which we haven't tried yet.....

      1. re: KirkK

        No it is not Golden City... The Dim Sum there is OK, not great... Good bargain for the money though.

        It is called Shanghai City, right next to the Auto Parts Store on Convoy.

    2. The best - at least according to my wife who is from Tsing-Tao and went to college in Beijing - it's Spice City in the Plaza Del Sol mall on Convoy in Clairemont Mesa. According to her and my In-laws this is the best authentic Beijing Style Szechuan they have tasted since leaving PRC....

      I like the appetizer #9 (hey, don't read nor speak have to go by numbers - especially since much of it does not translate well into English).
      The "fish-flavored chicken" is also great as is the Country Style Beef - ture authentic Szhechuan, down to the use of spicey Bean Paste for seasoning, well developed what I call my "layers of heat" theory. My in-laws love the #1 appetizer - supposedly very "famous" in PRC - but they had never had it until here - went back 3 times during their vacation. You want hot they can do it....My father in-law is from Hunan, he and my wife can eat Habaneros....they said the heat was good.....meanwhile I was sweating up a s storm.

      A few comments - very limited hours - seems like the Chef was getting over worked so now it's something like 11am to 1pm and 5pm to 730 pm. The service is good for sit-in - the owner tried to discourage me from ordering take-out...probably because I dont' speak the lingo (even though I'm Asian - but the wrong kind of Asian!!) and because of the restaurants popularity - it kind of irks me, we'd been going there since they opened, but now that they've carved out their niche,... fill in the blanks. I let my wife do the ordering now - sometimes they still don't answer their phone. Beware the "English-only" menu with stuff like Cashew Chicken, etc......

      Please disregard San Tong Palace next door - Tsing-Tao is in the San Tong province - so we tried...pseudo San Tong/Korean style Chinese food.......some dishes were discussion was over what exactly is chef's special sauce??? The only reply was, "It's special, it's special...." They didn't even speak Chinese!!!!


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      1. re: KirkK

        All you need to do is ask! We followed Kirk's advice for lunch yesterday -- and, guess what, we went back for dinner! We had to, 1) to make sure the superb, layered tastes could be replicated, and 2) we were already addicted. Dinner was every bit as good -- fortunate they don't serve breakfast. Buddha: thanks so much for your suggestion, but it's going to take some time to navigate down the street after we have now found what we were looking for.

        1. re: Bull

          Spicy City is definitely in regular rotation for us. They used to give a huge Chinese menu to Chinese customers, and a one-page minimal menu to others, but now they have a much more substantial English language menu. Very popular is "Husbands and Wives," which involves tripe and beef. They have a great cabbage dish, the green beans are fantastic, etc. It is often jam packed with a big waiting list on the clipboard, and I never can figure out any consistent pattern as to when you can go without a big wait. But there are lots of alternatives in the area, so you can always go to one of the Korean tofu houses, or other options nearby, if the wait is too long.

          1. re: Bettywouldgo

            Yes, it's a funny thing. When they first opened up they served lunch from 11am to 2 pm and dinner from 5pm to 930pm -now I think it's lunch from 11 to 2 and dinner from 5pm to 7pm. My wife chatted with the owner one night and she said that the chef was being over-worked and could not keep up the pace, thus the more limited hours. Still great Beijing-style, Szechuan.