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Feb 24, 2012 04:51 PM

Sesame Seeds - Hulled or Unhulled for making tahini

I have been using Arrowhead HULLED Organic Sesame Seeds for sometime now to make tahini, and I see that Amazon is only carrying their UNHULLED sesame seeds.

I have been using the hulled seeds to make tahini; this is the only thing I use them for; and never have used unhulled one. I believe the unhulled ones would be too rough to make tahini - I make it in the food processor. Even the hulled is a teensy gritty which I don't mind, but I can imagine how much more so the unhulled ones might be.

I see that Bob's Red Mills has sesame seeds, hulled and unhulled, but I have used Arrowhead because of the organic label and want to stick with them. I have called Bob's but they cannot give an answer to what I am requesting. Not to wonder, though :-))

Does anyone make their own tahini and use unhulled sesame seed, or have any advice.

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  1. I tried with regular (i.e., unhulled) and it was a total flop. So, I would stick with what's working!