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Feb 24, 2012 03:40 PM

Breakfast with cyclists in Palo Alto/Portola Valley/Woodside etc?

Looking for recommendations for breakfast/brunch places where cyclists gather on weekends

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  1. Motorcycles or bicycles? I guess either way, Alice's Restaurant, where hwys 35 and 84 meet.

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      1. re: hansomi

        Cyclists ride, motorcyclists eat. Roberts market in Woodside is a brief refueling point, however. To be more to the point, cyclists don't want to leave their bicycles unattended, and no serious rider brings a lock with them.

        1. re: poser

          The bakery and restaurant in Pescadero is considered close to Woodside for cyclists.

          1. re: 12172003

            Konditori in the Ladera shopper is right on Alpine Rd in Portola Valley and has good coffee and bakery items. They also serve good sandwiches for lunch. Next door is Amigos grill where you can get good huevos rancheros.