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Feb 24, 2012 03:33 PM

crusty & chewy

and crunchy and anything else you can't eat wearing braces.

i'm getting mine off in mid-march, woohoo! so i need recommendations for:

- the best montreal-style bagel in toronto
- the best chocolate-covered pretzels
- the best caramel popcorn
- crustiest loaf of artisan bread
- the crunchiest apple (wrong time of year for this, sadly
- is there anywhere in the gta to get authentic maple taffy on snow?
- does anyone in toronto make kouign amman?

what other crunchy/hard/sticky things am i missing... i need to gain back the weight i lost when i got these things put on my teeth.

any suggestions appreciated!

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  1. You must be soooo excited to rejoin the world of chewing.
    Best Mtl-style bagel: Bagel House
    I can't say that this is the best in Toronto, not having tried them all, but the Rustic Baguette at Epi Bread is fantastic. It's a slightly flat, long loaf with an exceptionally crusty/chewy crust, and an interior with some resistance too. I think it's 30% sourdough.
    Some of the Conservation Authority Parks offer 'sugaring-off- activities, possibly including snow-chilled taffy. Check their websites for scheduling.
    I think you ought to try a Bagel World twister for chew--I once broke a tooth on a twister.

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      ok 6 weeks late, but they're off! i am eating a bag of smartfood right now. thinking i should do a tour of toronto's bagel places, bagel house, bagel world, st urbain...

    2. Indiana Popcorn makes an amazing caramel popcorn, also one drizzled with dark & white chocolate and one with dark chocolate chips - try all three and see which one you like most! I've seen them at Metro stores and my local health food store in Hamilton - I imagine they're widely available in Toronto as well.
      English wine gums from the bulk barn or the superstore might fill your need for sticky/chewy....
      Have fun re-discovering your favourites!!!

        1. Bagels: St. Urbain
          Popcorn: I still love Kernels for caramel popcorn.
          Artisan Bread: Epi Breads Cheese Boule might not be super crusty, but it has a great chew and flavour!
          Peanut Brittle: The stuff Bulk Barn sells is pretty good!
          Apple: Try to find a Crispin or Matsu apple for crunchiness, failing that Granny Smith are always crispy, just not local right now.


          Epi Breads
          1526 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G, CA

          1. thanks for all the suggestions!

            has anyone actually had taffy-on-snow in the gta? a friend went to bronte creek last year, and they didn't have it, because they weren't allowed to use real snow because of health concerns, and "couldn't find a supplier" of fake snow...

            is there any place in toronto that roasts nuts? there's a crunch i miss!