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Feb 24, 2012 02:47 PM

Best Grenadine?

Stirrings is the best-tasting, readily-available commercial brand I've found of grenadine but doesn't seem amazing and it's $5 for small bottle - I want it to be red, contain real sugar rather than corn syrup, and at least approximate the taste of pomegranate.

What's your favorite brand? Where do you get it (or order) from? What's the price and volume?

Does anyone have a recipe to share for making a small amount at home?

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  1. BG Reynolds (was Trader Tiki) has a really good hibiscus grenadine (hibiscus gives it the extra red color). The Boston Shaker store sells it online. Pricey but his products are well made:

    For a good recipe to make hibiscus grenadine at home, I trust Tiare's from A Mountain of Crushed Ice's recipe:

    This is Eastern Standard's recipe. It is similar to mine except I go equal parts grenadine and sugar to make a 1:1 syrup. I do it without heating. The heating process can turn grenadine a little brownish (which is why the other two add hibiscus):

    Also, Morganthaler's recipe seems good and I trust his style. It's a step up from Eastern Standard's:

    Morganthaler's article is the only one that points out the usefulness of adding 1 oz of 80-100 proof vodka to 12-15 oz of syrup to preserve it better (refrigeration is not enough to stop microbial growth).

    Grenadine is so easy to make that it seems silly to buy it unless you aren't kitchen savvy.

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      I agree with Mr. Yarm. Also Employees Only makes a very good grenadine.

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        This is great - thanks - and I have another use for my neglected little bottle of orange flower water that awaits Ramos Gin Fizzes and not much else - until now!

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          Mine is 1:1 with a splash of orange flower water, then it gets a shot of Everclear. All this is without heat - just shaken up in a mason jar. Morgenthaler's use of pomegranate molasses is intriguing...

        2. Small hand foods grenadine - its seasonal so you may or maynot be able to get some - cask from ca sells it and boston shaker carries some of their product - their orgeat and gum syrups are awesome as well

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            I use Small Hand Foods' grenadine. They use cane sugar.

          2. Nowadays I make cold process grenadine at home and for the bars I work with. Just equal amounts original POM pomegranate juice and sugar in a jar, a little fresh lemon juice, and orange blossom water. Seal, shake, and it's ready. If it has to last more than a week I add some vodka as well. The different flavors of POM are interesting as well.

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              How much lemon juice and orange blossom water per cup? Obviously 1:1 Pom to sugar

              I am going to give my sangria another shot this weekend and try making grenadine as well - (Singapore Slings for me)

              1. re: Dapuma

                To make 1 quart. 2.5 cups POM, 2.5 cups cane sugar, 1 oz. Lemon juice, .25 - .5 oz. Orange Blossom water (If fresh, .25, more if old since it loses potency once opened.)

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                  The Grenadine turned out great - thanks JMF :)

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                      how long will adding vodka make it last, and how much to add for the quart?

                      I have another event coming up about 30 days from now, i was not sure if it would lose the brightness and i would be better off making another batch or stretching this out

                      Will probably make a bunch of jack roses (they were a hit for the last party as shooters)

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                        Most recipes that call for adding vodka say 1 oz. per quart. But I think that wouldn't do much. If you slowly heat the grenadine to at least 165F, and up to 200F, and hold it for a few minutes. Then pour into sterile bottles, it should be good in the fridge for at least a month. I've had it stay good for three months stored in a very cold, 35F, fridge.