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Feb 24, 2012 02:12 PM

CSA Shoot-out: Siena Farms vs Drumlin Farms

Can anyone comment on CSAs from Siena Farms or Drumlin Farms? I'm considering doing a CSA for the first time this summer. I have seen a few brief mentions of Siena Farms CSA (and maybe one mention of Drumlin Farms CSA) in the Chowhound archives but no substantial reviews.

Thank you for your help!

PS This is my first Chowhound post - please let me know if I've placed it in the wrong board, etc. :)

ETA I am in the Acton area, and would prefer organic. I have a family of 4, but it's 2 adults and two very young children, so I am concerned about being able to use up a full share. I am currently hitting up my friends to determine if anyone wants to split a share. ;-)

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  1. Welcome to the Boston Board. Make sure to visit the HomeCooking board for suggests on how to use up your share.

    There is a CSA Rating thread from last year that might mention them (probably one of the threads that you have ready read):

    And here is a CSA thread that I started (I had a similiar question to you). Of course it is about different CSA's, but I didn't know if you have your heart set on Siena or Drumlin. It helped me when people suggested CSAs that I haven't considered.

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    1. re: viperlush

      Thank you - I will definitely have to look through the HomeCooking boards if I commit to a CSA!

      I'm looking at Siena and Drumlin because they are both very local to me.

      Prior to posting, I dug up a bunch of threads on CSAs, and was kind of cracking up at the "thank God the CSA is over!!!" type threads. Oh dear, I hope that won't be me!

      1. re: mamapicklejuice

        Welcome to the Boston board. We tend to ask a lot of questions in the hope of giving the best possible advice.

        Where is local? If we know where you want to do your pick ups we might be able to add to your choices.

        Is organic key for you? If price important? Is veggie selection key?


        1. re: BostonZest

          Ha - location would help! I am in the Acton area. I would prefer organic. Would love to have some variety in the veggie selection, probably not too different from most folks in that regard. Would appreciate add-ons like eggs and cheese, but not mandatory. I saw in one thread that someone mentioned organic eggs at Drumlin (with reference to the CSA) but I do not currently see eggs as an option on their CSA information page. I have emailed to enquire what the current availability of eggs is.

          1. re: mamapicklejuice

            I'm not a Drumlin CSA member, but a good friend is, and he's been very happy with them. I picked up his winter share at the farm once, and found it to be a very pleasant experience; they're really friendly.

            They have offered local eggs as an add-on to at least the winter CSA -- a dozen per pick-up, and the prices were pretty reasonable (~$5 a dozen).

            1. re: mamapicklejuice

              I'm late to this thread, but Drumlin fills up fast.

              We've been doing the Food Project in Lincoln (just down the road from Walden Pond) for a couple years and are generally happy with it. It's not "certified" organic, but the web site explains what they mean.

              We're also a family of four (2 kids who don't make a big dent in the produce), and share a share. Food Project doesn't sell half-shares, but it's totally OK to share with a friend.

      2. right place but easier to do a search as this topic was recently addressed in depth. Type in siena and drumlin CSA in the search box on the top right. For what it's worth, Drumlin seems more like a fun farm and while we use Stillman 's CSA, people like others better.

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        1. re: gourmaniac

          Sorry for the repetitive question! I did a search prior to posting, but found only brief mentions of both CSAs. I was hoping for some additional information, thanks! Drumlin does sounds like a more "fun" farm - plus, I'm there often with the kids, so pick up would be a no-brainer.

          1. re: mamapicklejuice

            Whoops - forgot to add my thanks for your response! I appreciate your input. :)

        2. I am huge fan of the Siena stand at the Harvard Sq. and Copely Sq. farmer's market and decided to sign up for the 2012 CSA. The vegetables are phenomenal but, at the markets at least, somewhat more expensive than the average stand.