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Feb 24, 2012 01:50 PM

NYC'ers first time in Texas

Hello! Two NYC girls are heading down to Austin for the first time for 3 days in April! We're looking for recommendations for restaurants/bars that really give us a taste of Austin and Texas. We're looking for all meals and price ranges - fancy restaurants to dives!! Also would love recos for great things to do/see that time of year!


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  1. You might want to search this board a bit. You'll find out a lot about what Austin has going on.
    My recommendations would be - Downtown: La Condesa. Refined Mexican flavors in a vibrant setting. North Central: Uchilko. If your watching Top Chef you'll know something about this place. I've been impressed each and every time I've been. BBQ - Franklin. You can travel out of town for BBQ (and that's fun to do) or eat what I think is the best around. Go early and stand in line. It's actually fun and won't be hot outside. Not to mention the delicious reward at the end.

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      I'll definitely echo paternite's suggestions. Those would be three of my top picks for an out-of-towner visiting Austin for the first time...although I might give Uchi a slight edge over Uchiko, depending on my mood. Uchiko's flavors are more bold.

      I'd also highly recommend that you check out our vibrant food trailer scene. There is some unbelievably good food coming out of trailers in Austin, and it's a fun experience. Some of my favorites are East Side Kings (there are three, all in a row on E. 6th Street, all with different menus), Lucky's Puccias (get the Lucky's puccia), and Peached Tortilla, although there are so many excellent ones that it is impossible to list them all.

    2. Those are all excellent suggestions. I'd maybe throw in some old Austin spot for a breakfast, maybe Cisco's, and some spot for a taste of a more throw back type of Mexican (see numerous threads discussing Tex Mex...if we can't agree on what it is, why use the term? ), maybe Angie's for carnitas tacos. Also, after dinner, don't forget your live music. One thing that I will say as someone who has lived on all three coasts is that Gulf Coast seafood is quite good and quite different from what you get in New York, but I can't think of an Austin spot I really like for local seafood except maybe oysters at Perla's.

      1. Great suggestions so far. A great spot for brunch or lunch I would add is South Congress Cafe. As an added bonus it is right in the middle of a small area with many of our local unique shops- including most of the best spots for vintage clothing (Austin is not all that far off the quality of vintage clothing shopping one can do in Manhattan and Brooklyn) and Allen's which has about the largest and most exotic selection of cowboy boots around.