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Nov 1, 2001 12:48 PM

Going to Anaheim in the Spring

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We'll be doing the Disney thing in March and I would love some suggestions on where to eat. I would like a place that serves good Crab legs and Lobster. Also what about some good Mexican food? How are the places at the park to eat? I am thinking of trying Avalon Cove at the new park, and thoughts?

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  1. Avalon Park has closed. I ate a food court in the park a few weeks back, it had a wide range of food, i had a nice antipasto salad.

    For good dining, you need to leave the park. Downtown Disney has some good choices, I ate at Catal which was excellent, there's a House of Blues, the food there is always good, some other people I know ate at Arriba Arriba and said it was noisy but good.