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Feb 24, 2012 12:59 PM

pizza in south englewood/east littleton

i thought i posted this already but i dont see it on here. so i apologize if this is a duplicate. i am looking for the best new york-style pizza in the south englewood/east littleton area. i live near federal and union. so far we have tried mikes famous (soggy and a little too doughy) brooklyn mc (same, kinda soggy) and have settled on anthonys. is there somewhere we are missing? have also tried pasquinis, which was a little further than we wanted to drive, super crowded and just ok. i mean, if u want spinach prosciutto pizza thats cool, but just some plain ol, ny pizza thats good quality is what we are looking for. we usually just get plain cheese or one topping anyway cuz we want to taste the sauce and the crust.

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  1. don't pretend to be an expert about NY Style pie... I've had stuff I liked that was NY style before (Famous (Broadway) , I Love NY Pizza (Glendale), Anthony's, etc.. suggest you try one of the Garlic Knot locations down south.. or Frank the Pizza King on Broadway near you. Not saying they are NY pedigree.. but they make good pie. I'll keep thinking.

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      "dont pretend t be an expert about ny style pie"....what the hell is that supposed to mean? what did i say that makes u think im "pretending to be an expert?" if i thought i was some sort of expert, why would i be asking for advice? and by the way, yes, ive had pizza in new york several times. from just walking into any ol place in manhattan for a slice, to lombardis, gramaldis, etc.

      on a different subject, e_bone, did u ever try the tortillas on evans and federal? i know u were looking for good house made tortillas in denver. they are usually warm when u get them and have a little piece of tissue between each tortilla so they dont stick together.. .not that im pretending to be a tortilla expert. :)

      1. re: cookmyassoff

        Sorry for slow reply- especially since I offended previously. I meant *I* don't pretend to be an expert. My writing was "conversational style" and therefore easily misinterpreted. My bad.

        And no- our tortilla emergency was solved by a friend that found some housemade at a Carneceria in north Aurora. Will find out where he got them- they were very good but not amazing.