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Feb 24, 2012 11:39 AM

Fogon v. Dominique Bouchet and what about Chez les Anges?

I make two trips a year to Paris and have some favorite restaurants I always return to (Joel Robuchon, La Regalade, Sola, etc.) but I also try to add a few more that I want to check out.

I have already made reservations at Dominque Bouchet (have been there twice before) but, for Sunday lunch or dinner, I thought I might want to try Fogon (it's actually open on Sunday!). On the one hand, I've read that Fogon is the best spanish resto in Paris; on the other hand, finding a recent review/critique of Fogon has been a fruitless effort for me. The few reviews I came across were dated and not very positive. I love spanish food but don't want to waste the time/effort on a meal that isn't worth the money.

The most recent review of Chez les Anges that I could find on this board speaks very negatively about the service though the reviewers did say that the food was well prepared. Is the service still as chaotic as it was in the past? Would anyone who has been there lately recommend my having dinner there?

Any feedback would be most welcomed. I am in the midst of finalizing reservations for my spring trip to Paris.

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  1. DB is far superior to the other two. CLA is good if you order off the Carte, but the cost will be double or triple the menu price of 35 euros.