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Feb 24, 2012 10:49 AM

Graduation lunch location?

Friday in early June. Maybe with a view or small private dining room?

Boston/Brookline/Dedham area area fine.

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  1. How many peeps?

    Did you search the board for similar questions, say from last year?

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    1. re: bgavin

      About a dozen peeps. Less concerned with $$, than guaranteed good food, service, ambiance. I'd like a small private dining room so we can stretch our legs after sitting at morning ceremony.

      Good idea to search board from last year. Pls. toss any recommendations my way that come to mind. Thanks!

    2. Dedham and Boston are about 30 minutes apart. Google legacy place in Dedham for rests. Or go one town over to Norwood for Olivadi's. Between Dedham and Brookline there is a skipjacks in newton.