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Oct 29, 2001 01:56 PM

San Diego Restaurants near Horton Plaza

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I am staying at the Westin Horton Plaza for one night next week. Can someone recommend a place with good food, a fairly priced wine list and a pleasant ambience that won't be too pricey and is fairly close to the hotel?

If there happens to be a great chinese place, then, forget about the wine list!

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  1. Right in Horton Plaza there is a chinese restaurant on the top floor called the Panda Inn. Very good food especially the eggplant if you like that.

    Across the street is a Brazilian restaurant called Rei Do Gado. It is very unique in that they serve all you can meats that the servers bring on swords skewered. They have about 12 different kinds of meats and you pick and choose what you want and as much as you want.

    They also have a nice salad bar that comes with the meal. I think their wine list is pretty good too.

    Try it out as it is a very unique experience. The restaurant is on 4th towards Broadway.

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      In addition to the excellent recs. per buddha I'd suggest:

      1. Bandar--Great Persian food

      2. Napa Valley Grill on roof of Horton Plaza for a nice wine list and good simple wine country fare--avoid any food that's too fancy.