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Feb 24, 2012 10:10 AM

Hamantaschen in Boston/Metrowest?

I'm looking for Hamantaschen - the soft, pastry type - not the dry, cookie type. Anyone have any idea where I can find that?

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  1. I wonder whether Hounds haven't responded because they don't think that there are good store/bakery Hamantaschen in Boston.

    I don't think there are good bakery Hamantaschen of the soft pastry or dry cookie type in Boston. I don't even like Clear Flour Bakery's version. I just make my own.

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      1. re: CookieLee

        In my case, the issue is more that the dry cookie type are the hamantaschen I like (and I can't wait to start getting my annual Clear Flour fix!), so I have no useful info for the OP.

        1. re: Jenny Ondioline

          I don't know anyplace that makes the soft pastry type, but I also haven't looked because I like Clear Flour's cookie-type. If I were looking, I'd check bakeries in Newton and Sharon which have large enough Jewish populations that they may offer a broader range of purim pastry. In Brookline, Clear Flour is the easy winner, as I am not fond of Kupel's or of the packaged kinds the Butcherie carries but you can also come and taste test any of these and decide for yourself.

          1. re: teezeetoo

            I know that Zuckers Bakery in West Peabody always has it, although out of your desired area..The filled bread-like type is usually poppy and prune and more variety with the cookie type (which are much less dry than the average cookie type). THey are a kosher Montreal bakery and they often have other flavors that are old school and not typical to the U.S. but I cant recall at the moment what it was.. Get a warm challah while your there.. Also I imagine Zaftigs Natick and Kugels Framingham may offer the pastry kind, but dont know.. or Cheryls Bakery in Brookline?

    1. Surprisingly, we found the cookie type Hamantaschen at BJs in Salem, NH that were actually pretty good. The cookie was the right texture and sweetness and the fillings (raspberry, apricot and poppyseed) were ok.

      Interestingly, they were displayed right beside an apple cake labeled "Jewish" apple cake...not sure why it was labeled that, it looked like an regular apple cake to us.

      1. Nashobra Brook Bakery in West Concord had hamantaschen the other day. I didn't have room to try them, but they looked to be the soft pastry type. They were triangular and came in a traditional flavor and chocolate.