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Feb 24, 2012 08:41 AM

[London, SE1] Masters Superfish

It’s a year or so since I was last here. The business may have changed hands in that time. Certainly the staff have changed. Last time, everyone appeared to be Chinese. Now everyone appears to be east European.

Thankfully, the food hasn’t changed. There’s still a feeling of generosity here. It starts with the three freebie shell-on prawns and the freebie bread. Now, of course, nothing is really free in the restaurant business. And, truth be told, the baguette was no longer in the first flush of youth.

However, as to the main event:

Fish – enormous; big white flakes, perfectly cooked.

Batter – crisp (and stayed that way throughout) with no hint of oiliness

Chips – generous portion, fried to a crispness you don’t often see. Not even in the north.

Peas – mushy, but not so much as to be sludge. Green, but not lurid.

A plate of chippy food that’s almost northern in its quality. Or, at least, as good as the 5% of northern chippies that don’t offer oily, over-cooked food kept warm on the steamer shelf.

But you’d never mistake Masters for a northern chippy. Well, there’s the offer of freebie gherkins and pickled onions. What’s that all about , eh? And then there’s the opportunity to get alcohol. In a chippy!. And the fact that fish, chips and peas costs £11.50. No, that’s not a typo, it really did cost eleven pounds fifty. I mean, in Wigan, you can buy a house for not much more.

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  1. The place has also had a a recent lick of paint which has brightened it up somewhat.

    Also don't forget the weekday lunchtime special : bread, prawns, fish, chips, gherkin, pickled onion and tea or coffee .... A recession (and gut) busting £6.95

    1. £11.50 sounds reasonable to sit down and eat what seems, from your description like good quality F&C. Perhaps they could reduce the price if they didn't provide the "free" prawns and bread? I just don't see the point in that.

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      1. re: davidne1

        You'd slice two or three quid off the price if it was an equivalent quality place in the north west - say, somewhere like Seniors at Thornton which has just won the national Fish & Chip Shop of the Year award.

      2. What did you order ? When I was there last month I'm sure the large cod'n'chips was less than a tenner. Is it really close to two quid for a portion of mushy peas ?

        Regarding the crispy chips - I thought they were absolutely superb, but both my dining companions complained that they weren't "proper" chip shop chips. "Proper" ones aren't as crispy, as far as they were concerned.

        And as for the freebie baguette, that would be my only (very minor) quibble about Masters. Plain white sliced bread, surely ? How is one supposed to construct a buttie with one inch slices of baguette ?

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        1. re: FarleyFlavors

          I'd agree with your dining companions about the chips. For perfection, "proper" chippy chips need a hint of wobble - not the oily flaccid things you get in most places, but not as crisp as American fries. These were overcrisp - but I prefer that to flaccid (unless I'm eating takeaway straight from the paper when oily and flaccid is an absolute requirement).

          1. re: Harters

            I'm not really fussed about it. Decent size portion, but the ketchup (a non-conformist must for me) is vile.