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Feb 24, 2012 08:34 AM

Pete Wells of NYT on Shake Shack

I don't eat beef, so I can't entirely comment on Pete Wells' thoughts on Shake Shack's burgers ( I did however, appreciate the thoughtful review; and definitely thought he was spot on about the 'shroom burger and fries. I am dying to know what Danny Meyer's response will be and if/how we will change anything.

What did you beef eaters think of the review?

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  1. I'm puzzled that he even bothered, with so many other distinctive restaurants, especially good ethnic ones, at that price point.

    1. I too am surprised that the Restaurant Critic for the New York Times selected a burger chain for the main review. Given how many restaurants there are in NYC, especially those that deserve some notice but have little hope of getting that notice, it seems like a totally capricious decision.

      He gave Shake Shack one star, but he said in his review that (a) the burgers were inconsistent and many were not cooked correctly; (b) the mushroom burger was awful; (c) the French fries are also awful. Apparently what won him over was the friendliness of the counter staff, although he did like the hot dogs.

      I am amazed that Mr. Wells gave one star to a hamburger chain that serves up inconsistent beef burgers, terrible mushroom burgers and awful French fries (to which he devoted three paragraphs).

      Makes ya wonder how many stars he would give Domino's Pizza, or KFC...

      1. For the record I've never been overwhelmed by the Shake Shack. Never understood the long lines or what all the fuss is about.

        Seems like a waste of time that he would bother to review an established hamburger chain. Why not head down to Union Square and do a write up on TGI Fridays? Or go out and do a critique on the new IHOP in town? Perhaps next Mr. Wellls will treat us to his thoughts on The Olive Garden.

        A stupid move considering all the really great unique (non-chain) places NYC has to offer.