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Feb 24, 2012 08:11 AM

Dinner/drinks near Union Transfer

Checking out Galactic tonight, first time at the venue. Looking for casual dinner and drinks. I'm thinking Prohibition Taproom. How is it? Anyplace else nearby worth checking out? Thanks!

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  1. I really like prohibition. Food is great and the beer list is top notch. Last week I ordered the short rib shepherd's pie, it was delicious.
    Sazon is a good venezuelan place very close to union transfer, but it's BYOB and the service is sometimes painfully slow.

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      Agree with b1979, for dinner and drinks Prohibition is the way to go. We've done Sazon, but you would have likely needed a reservation. Bar at the venue isn't bad, either. There are a few of them. Definitely my favorite venue right now.

      Also, while it's a dark walk, Chinatown isn't really that far away.

    2. This is too late for you all, but for anyone else looking for recommendations there, check out Llama's Tooth (directly across from UT). It's nothing groundbreaking, but the food is a solid casual meal, they have a great bottled beer list, and the staff is friendlier and more welcoming than just about anywhere I've been. Also, with it getting warmer they have a great patio.

      1. Prohibition is very good. I'm also a big fan of the Institute, and I saw they were doing some promotion where you get a bit of a discount on your check with a Union Transfer ticket, I think 10%.