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Feb 24, 2012 08:09 AM

Need idea for hors d'oeuvres

I need a few ideas for what to serve with drinks before dinner. I don't want to overwhelm my guests' appetites, but do want to give them something to eat with drinks. This group tends toward wine, and we'll probably be serving champagne and/or kir royale (w/pomegranate liqueur) before dinner. For the meal itself, I'm serving a mixed greens salad w/smoked duck breast as a first, seafood stew (cioppino) as a main, if that helps. Thanks!!!

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  1. Gougers would be a great warm snack with wine. Simple, savory and tasty.

    Perhaps a bowl of good olives and some spiced nuts to suplement...

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      I saw this recipe for gourges on the Chowhound Oscar party recipes page. I tried them. They are very nice with wine.

    2. You'll have better luck on the Home Cooking board, probably...

      1. What tatamagouche said is correct, helmswoman1, but let me try to give you a hand. If you want to keep it light, and if your cioppino doesn't contain the venerable oyster (and I've never heard of one that does) think about just an assortment of them. Nice with the wine and Champagne, and kind of a "lead-in" to dinner without duplicating. Then there's just having some mixed nuts laying around in bowls, which isn't a bad thing at all. There's always a crudite platter; you could make bagna cauda in advance and keep it warm in a fondue pot. Maybe serve some breadsticks with it too, although breadsticks alone wih a dip would be fine. They're easy to make either out of premade pizza dough or for special, puff pastry. Cheese straws. Easy, and perfect: cut strips of puff pastry, butter, sprinkle with best-quality Parmesan, twist, sprinkle with herbs, bake. Or you could make the truly correct version, with piecrust and sharp cheese. People LOVE them and snarf them up, either way you choose to make them. Deviled eggs, maybe? With a shrimp or an herb sprig on top? Maybe an easy pate? Chicken liver pate is wonderful. A veg./cream cheese terrine, perhaps? Lovely, colorful, delicious. Not heavy.
        On that note: if you want to keep it light, provide ONE appetizer. Your dinner sounds absolutely lovely and I'm sure everyone will have a wonderful time, including yourself.

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          The oysters, either raw or some kind of "Rockefeller" preparation, is what would thrill me the most if I were a guest.

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            Thanks for the wonderful ideas!! Chowhounds always inspire me.

          2. These buckwheat cheese straws are always well received- both rustic and elegant, they look like twigs and taste great. Crunchy, lightly cheesy, very good with wine. An interesting alternative to the ordinary.