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Feb 24, 2012 07:56 AM

Friday lunch in the Virginia Highlands

I'll be in town next Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately I'll be busy during dinner both nights, I'm eating at Leon's in Decatur for lunch on Thursday but have Friday lunch open.

I'm pretty wide open as far as type of cuisine but I'd like to go somewhere that I can sit down, order a drink and enjoy a long lunch.

I'm staying in the Virginia Highlands but I can cab if it's worth it.

Thanks for any input.

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  1. Murphy's is a good choice in VaHi for a leisurely lunch. For a quicker but tasty option, I also like Super Pan. I have never been for lunch, but always liked Atkins Park for a relaxed dinner too.

    1. Might give Rosebud a try in Va-Hi.
      If taking a cab, JCT Kitchen or Local Three.
      Lots of options with cab ride.

      1. I second Murphy's or Atkins Park. I read that Atkins Park just celebrated 90 years--wow!

        You are sure hitting two great neighborhoods for your visit--Decatur and Virginia-Highlands. Enjoy!