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Feb 24, 2012 07:31 AM

Birthday Dinner in Paris- Sunday

Hi! My husband and I will be travelling in France from March 21-31st. We will be in Paris on my 28th birthday, which is a Sunday evening. I am looking for restaurant recommendations. Things I am most interested in is a quaint (not too mod) romantic setting and excellent food.
Verjus was a top choice, but not open on Sunday. Also, I am pescatarian (no meat, only fish) so anywhere that may be less heavy on the meat dishes would be nice. We are staying in Marais (3 eme) but can really dine anywhere!


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  1. Harder to find places open on Sunday night. Cafe des Musees in the 3rd will be open. Check out this good website for restaurants by district and click on restaurant for days open.