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Feb 24, 2012 07:06 AM

Where to Find Dried, Non-Candied, Ginger Root in Metro D.C.

I am trying my hand at making pho broth, bought the 24 quart pot, and can't find dried ginger. All I can find is the candied dried ginger or ground ginger powder. I'd like to get this broth going today, so any leads in the metro D.C. area would be great. Though, I can probably get out further into the 'burbs tomorrow and delay the simmering a day if it doesn't exist in the metro area. Thanks!

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  1. I buy ginger all the time at the small Latino stores they usually sell it for around $3 at

    Panam Supermarket
    111 Bowie Road
    Laurel, MD 20707

    1. Penzey's has it online but I don't know if the stores in this area carry it. I bought mine a while ago.

      from Penzey website:
      Sliced China Ginger Root
      Dried sliced ginger root pieces stay fresh and flavorful indefinitely, so they will be ready when you are. Add a slice to stock for chicken soup, Indian curries and Asian dishes. The flavor is strong and vibrant - if a full slice is too much, smaller pieces can be broken off by hand.

      Why don't you use fresh? I guess stupid question - the flavor is different?

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      1. re: mscoffee1

        Thanks for the replies. I checked out a Latin supermarket in Columbia Heights, but they only have fresh ginger. My understanding is that fresh and dried ginger do taste different; I'd imagine that the dried ginger is much more potent in flavor as well. I will definitely check out Penzey's tomorrow!

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          You probably already know this, but there is a brick-and-mortar Penzey's in Rockville.

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            and there is a Penzey's in Falls Church - call before you go.

      2. Any Asian store will have good fresh ginger, and almost any non-Asian grocery will have ginger roots that have sat in the bin so long they're almost entirely dried out (just feel how light they are).

        I'm being a little sarcastic, but the keeping of old stock is so widespread that this might in fact be a useful idea.

        1. I'm pretty sure the pharmacy on 7th and I NW in the District would have it (the Chinese pharmacy a door or two down from the shuttered CVS in Chinatown). They have food, they have roots, it's my go-to place.

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          1. re: sarichardson

            I ended up tracking dried ginger slices down at Penzey's in Rockville (thanks everyone and I definitely called first to confirm they had it!). The suggestion of the Chinese pharmacy is interesting, though, and I willl definitely check that place out.

            Wayne's suggestion of using unintentionally dried ginger roots is funny. I have to admit that I considered subbing some old ginger roots that I have from the last time I made kimchi, but figured that if I'm laying down over $100 on the meat going into this broth, then I'm going to do everything that I can not to screw it up.