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Feb 24, 2012 06:27 AM

Best Indian set lunch in central London--Moti Mahal, Bombay Brasserie, others?


I'll be in London in a month for our honeymoon, and we'd like to kickoff our trip with a lunch at a higher-end Indian restaurant in the city. Our first choice was Quilom, but they are closed for renovations.
Moti Mahal and Bombay Brasserie both seem to have delicious "tiffin" menus--have you tried either of these? Or, the one at Cinnamon Club? We're open to suggestions as long as it's different from the Indian food in the U.S. (better equals different too!) and under 25 pounds per person.

Thanks very much!

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  1. Not sure if they have set lunch menu's, but take a look at the Mint Leaf (Piccadilly/Haymarket location) or La Porte des Indes off Oxfrod Street (near Marble Arch). FYI, Bombay Brasserie has a (relatively) new chef and now offer a buffet on Saturday and Sunday which is supposed to be superb (I'm giving it a try in a couple of weeks). If you want to splurge...Tamarind in Mayfair is quite nice but eye-wateringly expensive. Red Fort in Soho is also very good.

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      I went to the BB for their Sunday buffet lunch in '88 so i don't think it is really that new, also is the chef really new....they renovated in 2008 and i wasn't aware of other changes. BB is a very good weekend lunch though but the buffet is not the same as the weekday tiffin lunch

    2. you are safe at either the brasserie or moti mahal. i don't know what they charge for lunch, but trishna is mangalorean - a cuisine you almost certainly won't find in the states.