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Feb 24, 2012 06:09 AM

How good is The Star Tavern in Orange NJ?

Never been there and would like some feed back from you guys,thanks.

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  1. I would respond by saying that your question could be interpreted as rhetorical.

    1. If your mission is to try the pizza, it's very good....the best, not in my opinion. The rest of the menu is American Italian to the core....moderately priced and a great choice for family dining. I enjoy the Star, but go early or go late....or you will usually have to wait for a table...I don't think it is worth waiting more than 30 minutes for a table myself. Is it a destination place? Certainly, but I've already been there and I would not go out of my way to eat there again....only if it were on my travel route if i was in the area.

      1. I had the pizza, fresh out of the oven, for lunch and it was pretty good. I'd gotten pepperoni and they were nice and crispy with little pools of oil inside their cups.

        How far away are you? I'd say that it's good for a brief stop if it's on your way, but not anything I'd drive more than fifteen minutes out of the way.

        1. Try it - if you like thin NJ bar pie pizza it will not disappoint. If you prefer thicker pizza, don't bother. As mookleknuck points out, the pepperoni is a must. Don't rule out the eggplant, portabello mushroom, or clam pie either.

          1. it's fantastic! definitely worth the trip, and definitely worth making it a regular stop if you live nearby. make sure you order your pie well done so it's nice and crispy. i recommend the plain pie and the meatball pie - i found the pepperoni to be a bit too salty and the sausage wasn't very flavorful. but the plain pie on its own is amazing, which is the true test of a good pie! i second the recommendations to go early or late. on a weeknight around 5:30, it's not too crowded...but get there a few minutes later than that and you'll find yourself waiting. also, on a saturday around 3 its dead.