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Feb 24, 2012 05:14 AM

Nantucket off-season/high-end; oxymoron?

I haven't been to ACK in years (10?), but wanted to visit before the season got going & wondered if anyone might know of any "high end" (fancy-pants?) restaurants that are open in March. I found a thread here, but the request was more for an "affordable/casual/large group" location. A google search brought up a bistro on Federal St., but not much else. Black Eyed Susan's appears a bit casual for my liking, but is it the "best" I can do in the offseason? Is there a Hound that can help? Thanks!

Edit/p.s.: just saw BES's menu, and it actually looks rather intriguing. perhaps I'll be ok there...

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  1. BES is a good place and not as casual a vibe at night. I went for dinner there in Nov. But cash only, FYI. Other then that I don't know. I think you need to get on ACK and ask around. Even ask the BES staff if you are there for more then 1 night.

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    1. re: InderB

      BES, IMHO is casual, I'm not a huge fan but then I've
      gone in summer, I'm not sure about off-season.
      Our favorites last season were Le Landudoc and Oran Mar,
      I don't think Oran is open now, but I'm not 100%.
      There are plenty of Nantucket threads on CH, also maybe
      ciclista will chime in, she's a hound I would listen to re: ACK.

      1. re: dennisl

        Ciclista can make the best recs since she lives and works (in food service/hospitality) in Nantucket...she is traveling so let's wait for her comments which by the way have always served me well...

        1. re: phelana

          Thanks, y'all! I appreciate you taking the time to reply. The couple of places I (fondly, albeit from many moons ago) recall that still appear to be in business, Chanticleer and The Galley, don't open until April or May. Ditto DeMarco, although I never had the chance to dine there.

    2. Fifty-Six Union is open in the off-season, and I would consider it semi-fancy-pants.
      Check out their facebook wall for winter specials.

      1. Most island restaurants are closed for the winter and will reopen in April. Fine dining restaurants open off-season are Fifty-Six Union, Dune, and Pazzo. For a full list, see