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Feb 24, 2012 02:47 AM

Business Lunch in central Glasgow

Please suggest a restaurant in Central Glasgow for a un-hurried business lunch that might. My research points to:
Brian Maule
Ubiquitous Chip

Thank you and cheers.

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  1. hello, it depend on what you call central Glasgow. the Rogano and Brian Maule are both in the city centre and Stravaigin and the chip are both in the West End. Only a very short cab ride away. How formal or not do you need it to be? The first two are more expensive, stravaigin is quite informal but very good food. The chip is in between. How much do you want to spend and does it matter wht kind of cuisine? What day will it be?

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      Curiouseater, Thank you for your reply. City center would be ideal, any place with good food that's reasonably quiet on a week day so we could chat business would be perfect. Cheers.

      1. re: Keshav

        I know people who have been to Brian Maule recently and were happy with the food, it's formal and you would have space to discuss things. Other places you may want to consider are two fat ladies city centre and guy's in merchant city, although I have not personally eaten there. I like the Italian cafe in the merchant city, but it's usually busy at lunch time, although maybe less so during the week..