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Oct 25, 2001 12:04 PM

Boba Iced tea!! New!!

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I am a business economics student at UC Santa Barbara, and for my writing class this quarter we must propose a business plan. My group choose a drink called Boba or Pearl Iced Tea. If anyone has any information about this drink PLEASE contact me. Have you ever tried it? Did you like it? would you try it? etc.
thank you

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  1. Here's link to the San Francisco board that will lead you to a website that will have lots of good info for you. Some of the Boba tea suppliers have pretty much turn-key programs for setting you up in the biz. Those should give you some good ideas.


    1. Drive down Valley Bl. in the San Gabriel Valley. There's a boba place every two or three blocks. Also see thread below re. L.A. boba.