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Feb 23, 2012 09:14 PM

Disappointed in Susina bakery

I've only had the breakfast pastries before but I stopped in for some pie since the hubby has been craving it. I got my usual ginger apricot scone which was unusually dry. I also tried a couple cookies - nothing special. Unfortunately pies are not sold by the slice, only tarts. The lemon meringue was decent, but the crust was bitter, dark and overbaked. The banana cream was truly a bummer. I adore banana cream and this one sounded promising with the addition of caramel and chocolate. The crust suffered from the same overbaked taste and the bananas were so overripe they made the whole thing sickeningly sweet. The caramel and chocolate were nearly undetectable with all that mushy banana taste going on. Very sad day for this pastry lover. :(

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  1. i haven't been there in ages b/c i moved from the area but i used to get breakfast pastries there as well along with coffee sometimes. bummer if it's going downhill.

    1. I once had a problem that I thought needed the owner/mgmt's attention and sent an email setting forth the, ahem, incident and they REALLY cared about what happens there and handled the situation promptly, courteously and professionally.