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Feb 23, 2012 08:41 PM

What to do with bulk dip?

I just got almost 5 lbs. of heated dip leftover from a catered event, and it's sitting in my fridge. I'd guess it is made up of cream & Swiss cheeses, artichokes, and spinach with maybe a tad of onion in that order.

Other than bringing it to a gathering on Sat., how can I use it up? Recipe suggestions, please!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Everything I think of only spreads it out, giving you more to deal with. Put some in a quiche or stir into scrambled eggs. Mix with potatoes for an au gratin. Add some beer and make it into a soup.
    Or just bring it to your event on Saturday and call it good. I'm not sure if it would freeze well or not, it might. If so, then put it into smaller containers to take out an eat a bit at a time. I'll google the freezing thing now....
    well, there seems to be mixed reviews on freezing it. Maybe other CH'ers can help with that...

    1. Could you toss it with pasta or rice? Otherwise, I say take it to your gathering.

      1. That would make a nice green lasagna layer, with fresh or frozen spinach as one of the layers. Spinning off another thread, you could use it to stuff chicken breasts before you cook them. It won't freeze nicely, so take the rest to your gathering.

        1. I was going to suggest using it in a lasagna type dish as well.

          Or I have used it as filling as well, which is my more "go to" way of using left over dip.

          1) would be as a filling in phyllo triangles (butter three sheets of phyllo and stack them - cut into 3 even long strips - put a dollop on the end of each strip and fold like a flag to create triangles and bake);

          2) you could use as a filling in a ravioli (could use store bought dumpling wrappers if you don't make your own pasta) and toss the ravioli with a garlic butter and pecorino.