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Feb 23, 2012 08:27 PM

Foodie's first trip to New Orleans and needs advice!!

Hey All!

I am a foodie (based in NY) and planning my very first trip to your lovely city of New Orleans in March. I was hoping to get some advice so that every meal counts. Please let me know what you think of my suggested food itinerary -- I have also included some questions below. Also, please keep in mind that my bf is vegetarian, so we can only go places where are are at least a few veg options (I really wanted to go to Willy Mae's but it doesn't look like they have any veg dishes).

Here is the food itinerary I am thinking of so far:

Three Dinners:
1. August
2. Dante's Kitchen
3. Couchon or Brigtsens - Which would you pick? Is there a place I am over looking? Is Couchon the best place to try Cajun food? Does Brigtsens have veg food?

Three lunches:
1. What is the best Po'boy place to go? It seems like Liuzza's by the track, Domilise's and Parkways are some of the top places? I'd like to go to one of them. What is the best?
2. Galatoires -Is this better for lunch or dinner? If dinner, which one of my dinner options should I substitute out or switch to lunch/brunch to include Galatoires?
3. Lil'Dizzys: I've heard this is a great place to go for Sunday Brunch?! Do they have veg options?

And of course, I also plan on going to Cafe Du Monde for Breakfast and to Angelo Brocato's for gelato.

Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance!


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  1. Brigtsen's and Cochon are completely different places. I loved Brigtsen's, Cochon not too much. You might want to check out Cafe Atchafalaya for something in between those two. More cajun than Brigsten's, more fancy than Cochon. We had a great meal there in December.

    Poboys - we had really good ones at Mahoney's last trip. They aren't cheap though. Don't miss the onion rings. We also like Johnny's in the Quarter. The shrimp poboy at Johnny's is delicious. I didn't love my oyster poboy. I had a great oyster loaf at Casamento's. So I think it depends on what kind of poboy you're looking for.

    Gal's - never been to dinner but the lunch crowd is a riot!! They have the best shrimp remoulade in town. The food isn't the best you can get but the overall experience is special.

    Cafe du Monde has good frozen coffee. Angelo Brocato's has good everything.

    1. Sounds like you have some solid suggestions there, just remember to stay as far away from Mother's as possible.

      1. Most good N.O. restaurants have some veggie dishes or will probably make something up for BF. Probably the least veggie restaurant in town is Cuchon, hence its name.

        I'm one who feels there is no best place for po-boys, just a good dozen that do them well, some better with seafood than others. Liuzzas (both of them) Parkway, Johnny's and Guys are favorites. Casamentos and Felix/Acme for oysters. Mandinas for creole/cajun and a touch of local "charm". Bon Ton for Creole.

        These are all local places and not really in the fine dining category. You've got that covered with August and Galatoires, Brightsen and Dantes. All good choices.

        1. Thanks for all the feedback! Where is the best place to try Cajun food? Can anyone recommend a fun place for Sunday brunch? Thanks!

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            What specific cajun dishes are you wanting to try? I don't know of any one place that serves great gumbo, jambalaya, etouffee, red beans and rice, AND courtbouillon, etc. I like the etouffee at Galatoire's, hubby loves the jambalaya at Bon Ton (I don't), and I rarely eat gumbo in NO because I cook my own and that is my favorite. I had a really good gumbo at Dick and Jenny's many years ago. I saw a recommendation for the duck gumbo at Gal's on CH the other day so I may try that next trip. So let us know what you want to try and you'll get the names of some restaurants that prepare those specific dishes very well.

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              Good point. Not sure if I could come up with one place, for all of those dishes. What I find is that one gets a great version of X, a good version of Y & Z, but sort of weak on V & W. That alternates around the restaurants. Still, if I did not have my favorite versions, then would possible say that Bon Ton covered most bases, or fill in your favorite Cajun/Creole/NOLA cuisine restaurant.


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              For Sunday Brunch, though NOT Cajun, I like either Brennan's in the FQ, or Ralph's on the Park. Same family, but with some distance between the two. Different, though at about the same price-points, and about 5 miles apart. Both nice, and both good representations of NOLA cuisine for brunch. Note: many on this board HATE Brennan's, and at one time, I was probably in their number, but after about 20 years returned, and was greatly impressed, several times. Still, Ralph's is our Sunday Brunch choice, as we most often fly out on Sunday afternoon, and they are a tad closer to MSY, than Brennan's.



            3. The gumbo ya ya is really good at Mr. B's in the Quarter. Brigtsens definitely over Cochon!!! You must do either lunch or brunch at Commander's Palace. Ask to be seating in the upper room looking out over the treetops. I also love Coquette on Magazine either for lunch or dinner.
              I'm a little concerned about August. The last 2 meals I had there were just meh. The other NO experience is to take the streetcar up to Camilla Grill on Carrollton for a yummy burger followed by hot pie with ice cream.

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                OK, I need to get back to Restaurant August, as there are too many polarized reviews. It has been too long ago, to base my feelings today, on what was "then". Will have to sample for myself.