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Feb 23, 2012 08:08 PM

Things which you thought should have been food (from a childs perspective)

The thread about non-food items you ate as a child got me reminiscing...

I was under 10 during the height of the space program. Living in Florida at the time it was very much in the news. I made it a point to listen when Walter Cronkite was speaking - I was under the impression he was my grandfather for a while and he seemed very comforting.

I was especially interested in seeing what this glorious Cake Canaveral was that he kept talking about. I imagined it was an enormous wedding cake structure akin to something Hansel and Gretel would have encountered, sans nasty witch. Night after night I watched and the glorious cake was never shown...

Fast forward a few years to 5th grade where we explored geography and learned terms such as isthmus, peninsula and CAPE!

At that point it was suddenly very clear that the glorious Cake Canaveral would never be nibbled upon. A curious mixture of chagrin mixed with deep sorrow followed.


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  1. Willy Wonka made me think that fruit wallpaper was lickable. And when I first tasted rice paper I thought that all paper was edible.

    1. LOL. I can't think of any of my own, but my son (20 months old) has a book called Yummy Yucky:
      "blueberries are yummy, blue crayons are yucky"
      "burgers are yummy, boogers are yucky"
      "chocolate sauce is yummy, hot sauce is yucky"
      "mommy's cookies are yummy, mommy's coffee is yucky"
      and my favorite:
      "ice cream is yummy, too much ice cream is yucky"

      1. Similar experience for our son: Cape May is our favorite spot at the Jersey shore. It took a while before we realized why he was disappointed by a day at the beach. Even now that's he's a grown man, we sometimes get "Cake May" written on a cake at the bakery. And I only just found out that when we told him we were going to visit some of my relatives named MacDonald ... well, you can guess.

        1. I was probably 5 or 6, and I loved those malted milk Easter eggs that had a white shell with colored speckles on them. It occurred to me that we were throwing away eggshells all the time, and I could have the yummy shell any time I wanted, not just at Easter. I must have taken it from the garbage and snuck away with it, because I remember being alone when I took a big bite. Oh, dear. Eggshells were not candy. And they made lots of grit in your mouth. I was dumbfounded.

          1. my granny had a bowl of artificial fruit 50 odd years ago (didn't all grannies have them?) I was about 4 yo when I discovered you cannot eat a plastic apple.

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              But those plastic grapes are great to chew on.

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                I never understood the reason for plastic fruit when real fruit is quite easy to obtain. My grandma has plastic grapes on her dining table, and real ones almost always in the fridge.

                1. re: iluvcookies

                  My grandma had those, too. Seems like they were always a bit sticky and a bit dusty. The way they make your mouth bounce back open is interesting.