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Feb 23, 2012 07:59 PM

Weekday breakfast (tomorrow)

Looking for a casual breakfast tomorrow and wondering about the Argo Cafe, Nice Cafe, or Red Wagon? Lots of reviews on all on other sites but not a lot here.

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  1. What's important to you ?

    If Mt. Pleasant is your preferred area with Argo & Nice, there's also Lucy's Eastside Diner, The Whip Gallery & Cafe, Reno's, Slickety Jim's (Main @ 18th) and The Edge Cafe on Yukon btwn Broadway & 8th Ave:

    1. For basic basic breaky, Argo or Nice (I have a soft spot for Nice's eggs benny for some reason). Red Wagon is a good call as it is not a weekend day. I was talking up their breaky that comes with BOTH the pulled pork pancakes AND the pork belly again today. The lineup should be much less egregious on a Friday.

      1. I have a big love for Nice's hash browns - shredded from fresh with bits of green onion, fried to a nice crispiness. They always get my soft poached eggs right too. Coffee's not bad at all for diner coffee, and OJ is very reasonable.

        For a weekend brunch, I like the Whip.

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        1. re: kinnickinnik

          Went to Nice Cafe. Lovely waitress and reasonable coffee and tea. Hashbrowns were as described but afraid the eggs (poached) for both my wife and I were hard cooked when we had asked for soft. My wife had the eggs benny and both of us agreed the Hollandaise was tasteless and the ham was just sliced deli ham. Overall, worth a try but would not go back.

          1. re: J and V

            Aw, sorry to hear the eggs were a fail. Luck of the draw I guess (touching wood so my egg luck continues). I've not had their bennies so it's good to hear feedback on that.

            1. re: kinnickinnik

              Yeah, that sucks about the eggs, nothing worse on a benny. And you're right about the ham being nothing special but I kinda don't mind that for some reason. I don't recall the H-sauce being bland but then again I'm not a fan of a citrusy one...

        2. I went to Red Wagon on Saturday in the late morning, and while we had to wait for about half an hour for a table, it was definitely worth it. I had the confit pork belly which was delectable, and my husband had the special, which was pastrami hash, which he also really liked. Service was a bit slow, but the kitchen was slammed, so understandable. Our server was a very pleasant young woman, and we felt very welcomed despite the pace all the staff were working at and the continual lineup. If RW is conveniently located, you should definitely give it a go, especially on a weekday morning.

          1. Has the Nice Cafe changed hands recently? The last time I went, was, I admit, maybe 3-4 years ago now... the place was packed, I ordered the waffles, and after about an hour's wait I was served a plain Eggo waffle. No joke. I had been before and it had been okay, but after that one experience I'd rather waste my time elsewhere. It's as if people go to the Nice Cafe because of its name. It's certainly not the food!

            Red Wagon Cafe, on the other hand - their pulled pork pancakes with bourbon maple syrup is most certainly worth the wait. The pancakes are more like biscuits, the pork is delectable, and the portion's the perfect amount - not too big, not too small. Just perfect.

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            1. re: Florentine

              The original owner was a very nice and friendly Chinese gentleman named Stephen. He was usually there on the premise during business hours. We've not been regulars of Nice for the past 3-4 years, and the rare times we were there I've not seen Stephen. Which makes me suspect they may have changed owners once, if not more.

              1. re: Florentine

                Agree on the 'cakes at RW, nice and savoury -- just had 'em for dinner, along with the pulled pork and the pork belly. The raspberry jam they make is some fine as well.

                1. re: grayelf

                  Hence RW's possible new slogan: "Pulled pork pancakes ....... they ain't just for breakfasts no more !" ? [wink]