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Feb 23, 2012 07:34 PM

Uh oh! Fail in trying to convert conventional cake to bundt form.

I wanted to make a pistachio bundt cake. I didn't want to use some groddy artificial pudding for the nuts. I found the recipe below for a conventional layer cake. I figured I'd double the ingredients but then I started otherwise modifying it to resemble other specifically bundt cakes recipes.

* I only used 4 eggs
• I used some Grand Marnier to add additional liquid to compensate
* I used cream instead of milk to compensate for the fat in the missing eggs

It tastes good but after rising nicely it collapsed in the center before it was fully cooked. Do you think it really needed 6 eggs for the additional structure? Any ideas how I could more successfully modify this recipe? I'd really like to create a reliable recipe and add it to my database. But I want that dense, substantial texture of a bundt cake.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think 6 eggs would have been okay but if you doubled the baking powder, that might have been too much for the flour. That would cause it to overrise and then collapse.

    How about starting with a pistachio bundt cake?

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      Wish I'd found that when I was looking for recipes that employed real pistachio. With the exception of the Epicurious layer cake all I found were things with pudding as the pistachio flavor.

      I will give it a try not the least because of the sour cream in it. I will also try reducing the amount of baking powder and see if that improves the texture.

      Thanks so much for your help!